Facts About Senior Dehydration Plus Giveaway

facts about senior dehydration plus giveaway

Facts About Senior Dehydration Plus Giveaway I have mentioned a few times over the past month and a half that our garden has been suffering because of the sweltering heat here in Utah. Like many of you I find myself suffering too and I have to limit my time outside. I seek refuge in any [read more…]

Step Into Summer Giveaway

step into summer giveaway katherines corner

Step Into Summer Giveaway As promised, the giveaways just keep coming in June- I am very excited to bring you the San Antonio Shoemakers™ (SAS)  Step into Summer Giveaway. I believe most of you have heard the saying “walking on a cloud, but have you ever heard the saying “walking on marshmallows”? I spent last weekend [read more…]

Gobble Gobble Giveaway

gobble gobble giveaway-Katherines Corner

It’s Time for the new giveaway!!! Some of you know it was my birthday yesterday ( Nov 1) so I’m giving YOU gifts! What? Giggle that’s right and I’m calling it The Gobble Gobble Giveaway  because it celebrates one of my favorite holidays. Prizes-Autumn Colors Necklace, Metal Leaf Napkin Holder with Napkins, Autumn Craft Ribbon [read more…]

Book Lover Giveaway

book lover giveaway prizes 1

It’s time for the October giveaway and it’s one I already love. I am fortunate to have some very talented friends who are contributing prizes to this wonderful giveaway. I am so excited to announce the Book Lover Giveaway! In addition to the books listed I am contributing the latest edition of Artful Blogging, Debbie [read more…]