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  1. One of my favorite summer memories is that me and my dad used to go fishing. He was a big fisherman and I had a twenty bird pole. Thanks for the opportunity and good luck everyone!

  2. My favorite summer memories are floating in the pool, and I literally mean floating. I almost can’t sink. I can cross my legs and lay back and just lie on top of the water.

  3. My favorite summer memory was camping in the Boundary Waters in MN with my dad and brother. We canoed, camped in a tent and swam in the lake.

  4. I really like the three different colors that the 27 Bead Fertility Mini Mala is made to choose from.

  5. I love the Silver and CZ Open Heart Necklace | Silver Heart Necklace | Heart Necklace | Valentine Gift | Gift for Her from KeepsakesByKatherine Etsy site.

  6. I appreciate the time and effort put into making these pieces. I really like the Happiness and Confidence Mala.

  7. The Stretch Bead Bracelets, Boho Charm Bracelets, Spiritual Jewelry, Lucky Buddha Bracelet Stack, 5 Bracelet Stack is so awesome, just love this!

  8. My favorite summer memories are the week each summer we would bring the kids to the beach. When they got into their pre-teen/teen years, they also had a friend come with us… and my hubby’s sister & hubby & our niece would join us too. We always had such a great time!

  9. You have some lovely things! I really like the Boutonniere Photo Charm, Silver Frame Boutonniere Photo charm, Boutonniere Frame Charm, Boutonniere Memorial Charm, Photo Charm for Groom. It is a wonderful way to remember someone that has passed, on the Groom’s special day.

  10. My favorite summer memory is going to Cape Cod with my family. Watching the sun set over the dunes was awesome.
    Gathering mussels from rocks and trying to cook them without a recipe meant making spaghetti instead. Small jellyfish tickled our feet, but it didn’t hurt – just felt weird.

  11. I absolutely love the Gold Heart Necklace, 14k Gold Heart Necklace, CZ Heart Necklace Heart Necklace, Express Your Love . I can’t believe I didn’t see it last time I checked your Etsy, I love the fact that this is 14k, and literal every single detail in the necklace is beautiful! Definitely on my to get list now!

  12. My favorite Summer memories were taking morning walks with my grandmother and her three dogs. She would always fuss at them for various reasons during our walks. Too funny!

  13. My favorite summertime memory is playing Kick the Can with all my neighborhood friends on a hot summer evening when all the fireflies were flashing.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  14. My favorite Summer memory is going up to the river with family and swimming and having a picnic and camping we would laugh and talk and play games.

  15. One of my favorite summer memories would be snapping green beans with my Grandma on her front porch. They were fresh from her garden and she would sit on her rocking chair while we would just chat.

  16. This summer I got to spend time with both my grandkids different times! I really loved it they are 6 and 8. Got to spend time with each one and loved it,before they go back to school!

  17. My favorite summer memory is going to the beach for the first. We drove to our out of state relatives’ house and went to the beach while there visiting. It seemed very exciting at the time.

  18. My favorite summer memory is the summer of 1985. I graduated high school in May of that year. I was excited and spent the summer in Texas (I’m from Mississippi). It was so fun to be close to a beach, be able to come and go as I pleased and had a couple of weeks that I had no concerns for much of anything! Of course, all good things come to an end, lol.

  19. Your items on Etsy are beautiful, all of them! I really like the Silver Heart Necklace, Pendant On Sterling Silver Necklace Chain. It is so pretty and dainty.
    So lovely.

  20. What a special piece the infinity bracelet is. It is the connection between the gift giver and the recipient. It could be a mother and daughter or spouse or father and daughter or friend.

  21. The Locket for a bouquet is just such a special way to have a loved one with you who is not able to be present at the wedding.

  22. One summer –it was the end of summer–I went with my father on a train trip across the country. It was just the two of us and I so enjoyed the trip. I am the oldest of 7 siblings. (We were all lucky to have a trip at some point with our dad). He has since passed but the memory lives on.

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