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  1. I'm with you! This heat…it's unbearable. I'm already looking forward to my fall wardrobe and some pumpkin pie! I wanted to say that your apron giveaway is darlin'! I already have a cupcake apron, which I will be featuring in an upcoming birthday celebration, so I didn't want to appear greedy:) Bring on the pumpkins!!!

  2. I totally feel your pain, I've lived in the Southeast US my whole life and I HATE the heat. Here though we have 95-100 heat and 95-100% humidity so you walk outside and it's insta-sweat…yuck!

  3. I agree with you. It says 96 degrees on my back porch thermometer, and my twins just went outside to play! I can't take the heat. I've lived in the desert for over 20 years now, but still struggle with the summer weather. I grew up by the beach, and I think that spoiled me. Anywhere else is extreme 🙂

  4. We always have hot and humid summers, here in the South. Lots of ac, dips in the pool, and lemon ice tea will help. Stay cool!

  5. I'm not looking forward to the heat. I grew up where it was 100+ every summer and we ran outside all day. I ran the mile in junior high in that heat. Now, when I go to visit my family, I swear I will melt. My kids even think that outside the door feels like an oven and they come back in. I guess it's an "I love the heat, but I need a drink and some serious AC to survive."

  6. It's been 3 digits over here in Modesto, CA as well. Right now it has cooled a little. I stay right next to my ac. I'm not about to sweat like a little pig. 🙂 Take care and try to stay cool.

  7. I don't what we've done to tick Mother Nature off this year, but we sure are getting a wallop.

    We've been hovering in the high 90's for a couple of weeks now; my outdoor thermometer has registered over 100 several times. Thank goodness, we've been getting some afternoon thunderstorms that cool things down considerably. You know how sometimes those storms only make things more humid and miserable? Not these; they are most welcome!

    Hang in there – eat ice cream, drink your ice tea, run through the sprinkler and buy orange push ups from the popsicle man!

  8. Am I ever hearing that…HOT here too and NO rain everything is scorching even me. LOL Keep cool and enjoy that tea. Hugs

  9. Sounds like it's time to hit the pool! I know it is for me. It will be around 100 today. Wow, I can't imagine living in a place where it can be in the 120's! I guess we can be counting our blessings that it doesn't get that hot here! I hope you find a cool place for the summer!

  10. I know what you mean, it's very hard to tolerate the heat and humidity! Thankfully, here in my part of Iowa it's supposed to be nice (in the low 80's) this week. Hope the heat lets up for you and you can stay cool!


  11. I have lived in NC all my life and remember playing outside every summer day that it didn't rain…but NOW?I stay inside, in air-conditioned rooms.It's been hovering around 99 for a week or more and I'm looking forward to it being in the 80's.Crazy-thinking, I know…must be the heat;)

  12. Lol. Sounds like you need a holiday in Maine!

    Your lemon ice tea looks wonderful. Drink up girl, the summer is only beginning!

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