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  2. Aren't home garden tomatoes just the best. It is so sad to have to go buy some from the store when the season is over… they just don't taste the same. Great blog!

  3. An organic gardener. A gal after my own heart. A definite plus to compliment your beautiful table settings.

  4. Hi! What an amazing blog you have! I can't wait to dig in and investigate further! 🙂 Thanks for following my blog at via Bloggy Moms – I greatly appreciate your visits and your comments, so please come back soon!
    Much Love to You and Yours,
    aka MomtheBomb13

  5. My green bean plants are suddenly producing again and I am loving it. I've still got lots of tomatoes coming on, too. You have to enjoy it while you can. 🙂

  6. Like you I am enjoying abundance from our garden, with tomatoes, blackberries, strawberries, rainbow chard and more. I am jealous of your bell peppers and cucumbers, they don't do well here, not enough heat and sun.

  7. I am so in love with fresh veg and fruit. However, I did get a little tired of peaches. We ate a little too much giggle.

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