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  1. Not doing Black Friday and haven’t really ever. Years of working in Corporate America I take anytime over holidays I can to not be around people and rest and relax!! Wish you much luck for the holiday season and happy selling.!! Hugs,

  2. I shop online for everything. I miss shopping for my groceries that way. They need to bring that service here to South Carolina. I HATE SHOPPING in STORES!

  3. My Black Friday is home in my jammies!! Never could stand crowds & l-o-n-g lines….
    Have a Great Weekend!!

  4. A much more civilized way to shop is on-line nowadays, isn’t it?! Especially as you are supporting the smaller outlets. That’s always a good thing. Hope you had a lovely day yesterday my friend. Hugs.

  5. I’m afraid to even get into my car today… As I am about to go to bed… some people are just getting into their cars to get shopping. I plan to wake up tomorrow, grab my cup of coffee, and shop on-line! I’m with you on that, Katherine. Have a great day!

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