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  1. Happy Halloween to you! The photos of the trees are absolutely gorgeous. Because we really don’t have an autumn I love to see photos of others on how their region looks. So pretty.

  2. Hi Katherine brand new to ur blog and love, love ur spirit! i can tell these blog visits are gonna be fun and informative and well, just, cool!! Is ur birthday tomorrow?? tomorrow is hard to spell its sorta like mississippi . I am only asking cause i just finished penning a heartfealt birthday card to give to my wonderful WONDERFUL husband, cause his birthday is NOVEMBER 1!!! I think it is great cause i was telling my husband last night about this fantastic lady i read blog, i was telling him how EXTREMELY alike u Katherine and I are. AND NOW! I read where ur birthday might be the same as my” HUNK OF BURNING LOVES” birthday I call him that cause he is just SOO great! I TOO HAVE A BRAIN INJURY BECAUSE OF A BRAIN HEMMORAGE THAT JUST HAPPENED TO A YOUNG HEALTHY PERSON like me at least i was young when that happened now i am over 50 and loving this different kind of life, had to make new normals but my FANTASTIC HUSBAND IS HELPING ME!

  3. Thank you for stopping by on WW. I love your autumn pictures. We didn’t get too much color before the leaves wound up on the ground. This has been a strange fall thus far. I wonder, what the winter will bring? Have a safe & fun Halloween!

  4. Congrats to the winner! OOOHHH! Is tomorrow your birthday?? Happy, happy birthday and I hope it is just as special as you are, my friend! XOX
    Love your photos of the leaves, and I hope that you and hubby and Izzy are safe and warm — hope the storm didn’t impact your area! (^_^)

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