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  1. Pizza only four times a year?? You are a saint of the highest order! We generally make a couple of pans of lasagna on Christmas Eve. Warm, cheesy, comfort food!

  2. That pizza looks delicious!! We kept it nice and simple and did a roast with veggies in the slow cooker.

    Wishing you blessings for a Happy New Year!

  3. We had pizza, too! I think I will make it “a thing”. We watched some classic Christmas shows and had ice cream. Fun!
    Wishing you a happy and blessed new year.

  4. We make stuffed shells every Christmas Eve. We put them in the oven before we go to mass and by the time we get home they are piping hot and the house smells fabulous. Happy New Year Katherine!

  5. Your pizza is beautiful! My family’s Christmas Eve dinner is typically a bigger deal than Christmas dinner. For many years, we always had lasagna but have started to change it up a bit the last few years. This time around it was Shepherds Pie.

  6. That pizza looks delicious!! We have a special dinner and Christmas Eve is bigger than Christmas Day and even more so with the kids being adults BUT even when they were small we went all out on Christmas Eve!

  7. I actually skipped two traditional items for the gathering this year. Garlic Cheese Grits and Pretzel Salad. I was stressed and didn’t feel like hassling with them. We didn’t starve, by any means.

  8. I dont have a meal tradition ( yet ) for Christmas Eve, but I do enjoy going to the late evening Christmas Service on Christmas Eve. =)

    Happy New Year Katherine! (( hugs ))!

  9. Hi Katherine! I bet your pizza is delicious! Since you don’t eat it very often that’s a great tradition. We normall just have all different types of appetizers and of course desserts and drinks 🙂

    Happy New Year to YOU!!

    life as we knowi

  10. Nothing special on Christmas Eve for us. We use to go to my aunt and uncles when they were alive. We moved away from family 24 years ago but Christmas Eve was always at someone elses house so no traditions have been made but we need to start something! We have started the tradition of pizza on Christmas Day so I can join the fun and not spend my day cooking in the kitchen. We do get a special deep dish pizza from Chicago. Otherwise we have pizza every Friday night, that has been a tradition for as long as I can remember.

  11. I love pizza! What a great idea! When the kids were little we served them hot chocolate with marshmallows and they got to open one small gift under the tree. Christmas Eve dinner was usually something light because of the big meal of Christmas Day. 🙂

  12. What a fun tradition! Great photo; the pizza looks delish!

    When I was living at home, we always celebrated on Christmas Eve. On Christmas day, the only restaurant that was open in town was a Chinese restaurant, so we’d always order in Chinese for dinner 🙂

  13. Hello! I’m stopping by from the No Rules Link Party – and I’m your newest follower. That pizza looks pretty tasty! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  14. Pizza is a good tradition on any night. 🙂

    We don’t have a meal tradition for Christmas Eve but we do make sure we make a dish everyone loves!

  15. That pizza looks fantastic! I’m not sure that we actually have any Christmas Eve traditions other than the preparations for Christmas dinner. Have a beautiful weekend & a wonderfully Happy New Year! xoxo

“May the Lord bless you and keep you; may He let His grace shine upon you and be gracious to you; may the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-6:26 NIV Hugs from Katherine

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