tea and fairy cakes table

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  1. Thanks Katherine for sharing this lovely spring Tablescape. We usually drink our tea out of mugs, so drinking tea out of china cups is a great idea. Tulips and swan is a great combo. Will pin this post. Happy Spring from Nancy Andres @ Colors 4 Health.

  2. Katherine, what a sweet little table you have set for yourself! What a lovely idea to take the time to set a pretty table for yourself, not just for guests. I hope you took the time to sit down an enjoy a quiet moment, perhaps watching what Izzy was keeping an eye on out in the yard! Thanks for joining in once again! HUGS! Chloe

  3. I love your pretty tea setting, Katherine! The swan filled with clover immediately caught my eye. It’s such a lovely statement piece. I agree that tea in a dainty teacup does taste better, too. 😉 I’m happy to be on this hop with you! Happy Spring!

  4. Izzy is adorable and I’m sure she is great company as you sit and sip and this pretty table. A table for one is a fantastic idea to share and thank you for the inspiration.

  5. Tea parties are always magical! I love your china cup with the butterfly. I am partial to butterflies. I love any excuse for a cup of tea and sweets.
    Nice to indulge yourself and have a tea-party for one.

  6. Such a pretty tea party. I adore the China. The swam looks lovely with the tulips. Izzy does look quite contented looking out the window. A perfect table to welcome spring.

  7. What a lovely setting to have tea and dessert, Katherine. The delicate tea cup is so unique and pairs so well with the lovely lace tablecloth. Your use of pearls wrapped around your stemware is a beautiful feminine touch along with a graceful swan centerpiece. Your desserts look so delicious and make for a perfect moment in the day to have some time for one’s self. I love the little doggie in the background too. Definitely, a cute table to sit by and gaze out of the window. Happy Spring.

  8. Katie, this such a feminine and lovely tea for one table. I do love the swan, so elegant on your table. Tulips always say spring. I hope you took time to enjoy the tea and sweets! It is always fun to hop with you!

  9. That swan is the perfect accessory for your pretty spring table! I love your dishes and that beautiful teacup with it’s spring colors. Izzy seems to be enjoying the scenery – so cute!

  10. Katherine, your table is just beautiful! I collect the Butterfly Meadow, and I have never seen those teacups. They are so pretty, and I love their shape. I adore swans, too. Your centerpiece with the swan is lovely. Happy March!!!

  11. Katherine, what perfect timing to read your tea table for one, as I am sitting here now with my own Jasmine Pearl cup of tea in my favorite Scottie dog mug! So enjoyed seeing your sweet little pup in the background of your photos too. Oh and don’t think I didn’t notice the cute little bee on the inside of your teacup — bee-cause you know how I love all things queen bee lol!

  12. A few moments to savor sweets and indulge in a nice cup of tea, perfect for transitioning a morning or afternoon, and to pause in the delights of the pretty cup and thoughts of spring! Happy March, Katherine!

  13. Very pretty tea setting! The china is very pretty and I love how you presented the little desserts! The swan is a nice addition and of course I love the flowers!

  14. So pretty and feminine Katherine, I love the vase of tulips and how they look like they too are looking out the window for more signs of Spring! Lovely tea party for 1!

  15. Katherine, you have inspired me. I am going to host my own Tea for one this afternoon! I don’t have your view, only rain and more rain here but all the more reason to host my own tea. I am going to make it pretty like you did too. I love your Swan, she’s perfect.
    Tea cups and coffee mugs with details on the inside like your Bee are always super pretty and more fun to use.
    Happy Spring!

  16. What a pretty tea setting, Katherine! I love your floral teacup, and the tulips are gorgeous! It is a pleasure to join you this week. Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

“May the Lord bless you and keep you; may He let His grace shine upon you and be gracious to you; may the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-6:26 NIV Hugs from Katherine

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