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  1. Having worked for two major cosmetics companies over the years (Avon as a district manager and a French company called Yves Rocher), I’ve been surrounded by brand loyalty for years. Funny, now that I’m not working I tend to shop around a bit more in the cosmetic department (I think it’s because I CAN). It’s food and cleaning supplies that I’m most loyal too – Heinz ketchup, Dijon mustard, Campbell’s tomatoe soup….. Don’t try and tempt this girl with store brands at reduced prices!

  2. Hi Katherine. Interesting question and I have to think if I am brand loyal. I think I am to a degree. I never use anything except Scott septic safe toilet paper. My catchup is always Hunts and my salad dressing is always Miracle whip. The products in my bathrooms are always different at any given time. I love Lavender Soap. I often try off brand items because I am budget minded. If they aren’t quality I do not buy them again. There you have it!!!
    Thank you for coming by to see me today.
    Have a wonderful Christmas Holiday.
    xo, Jeanne

  3. Yes me too. I am loyal to Oil of Olay. My mom used it, her mom etc.. I will chose different brands on other things but not when it comes to my bath things..
    Robyn 🙂

  4. I remember when Dove first came out. Everyone was crazy for its powdery scent.
    I am not brand loyal though. Right now I am using a huge bar of Evergreen scented soap from England that is lovely on the skin and smells like wintertime.

  5. Dove is my brand of choice for bath soap (just the regular scented soap and powder deodorant. I am also brand loyal to Meyers products i.e. all purpose cleaner, candles. 🙂

  6. Wow, you are loyal to Dove! I’m not really brand loyal, I usually get something different every time to try out new things until I find something I love. But then I get tired of the same thing after a while and begin the cycle all over again!

  7. I am very brand loyal! I am Colgate, Merle Norman, gain, lever…. I have a brand for everything and never change lol

  8. soooooo thats why u are do cute Katherine! DOVE products, ya know its 3 quarters cleansing cream ( i dont know,an old commercial that was tucked away in my brain cells somerwhere, came forth, ha! i am loyal to dove too

  9. I love Olay products as well as Dove. Olay because they make this stuff called “In-Shower Body Lotion” and it’s like liquid gold – it’s wonderful! Hehe.

  10. LOL! I always start out trying to be brand loyal, but then another brand lures me in! I’m a total hodgepodge of products in the bathroom.

  11. I am Brand Loyal too. I love Dove Soap. I won’t use anything but Tide detergent and I must have Contadina Puree and Paste!

Love each other as God loves you xo

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