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  2. Those are so cute. I use to give gifts all the time but stopped last year. Neighbors have moved and none of them seemed to really care so I decided not to bother. It actually makes me sad 🙁 I do give several gifts to my friends at bowling!

  3. These are so cute and look easy to do. My condo neighbors (except 1) are not very nice, so no gift giving :(. I just give a small gift to the mail carrier and the paper guy. They give excellent service. I am thinking of doing your yummy oatmeal cookie recipe this year for them.

  4. I make cookies and such for my customers that are fairly local….just returned from taking some candies and cookies to our best customer – a 117 mile round trip, but worth it!

  5. Those cupcakes look delicious! I used to make tons of different types of christmas cookies and send them to work with my husband for all the people in the office as well as to my neighbors too. Since we live in an apartment now, I don’t do that anymore. People move around so much these days it is hard to meet people who will be here a year from now. Ha

  6. So adorable!! Living in an urban area with lots of apartments you don’t see this sweet gesture so much! You’ve inspired me to put a little envelope with good wishes until the 5 other people in my building’s doors!

  7. Sometimes I give neighbor gifts, but I don’t have many neighbors, so I make cookies for the mailman and anyone else I feel needs a “cookie” pick-me-up. Hehe. Those cupcakes are so cute!

  8. Those are cute! We don’t exchange gifts with neighbors. When we first moved here, everyone else was new, too. We all got to know each other and did things together. Gradually, most everyone moved on to bigger and better things and we’ve stayed. We haven’t gotten to know the more recent ones very well, mostly just hellos and occasional polite conversation when we see them outside.

Love each other as God loves you xo

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