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  1. Thanks for sharing your feelings with us. Everything will be okay soon, it is all part of life.

    I am really nervous now because I am gonna be a dad. But that’s a new adventure I am more than happy to take on 🙂

  2. I know why you are having emotions, happy for them to enjoy their new adventure but sad to be further from them. My youngest daughter and her family live next door…Christine

  3. My Daughter and her Family % Children lived with us 5yrs and 1 yr ago moved about 80 miles away! Hoping for a better life for her children. I know the Hurt and it is so real> I still miss them badly!! My Husband misses them too! Only having been Diagnosed with Parkinsons’ Disease 2 yrs ago he does not feel good half the time so for him it is better not to have any stress or commotion. Katherine my Heart goes out to you and your Husband. God Bless.. <3

  4. I am experiencing it also. My daughter just got married in June. They decided to try new jobs in a new state over 1000 miles away. I am heartbroken but know it’s all a part of their growing up and moving on. So sad though. 🙁

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  7. I feel for you Katherine. Family is everything. We are also split, with one daughter and family in Toronto while we live on Vancouver Island, thousands of miles away. It’s been difficult with the two granddaughters so far away.

    We at least helped raise our grandson where we live but now he’s gone to U in the USA, so again, more adjustments. We do our best to keep in touch, phone calls, visits, emails, texting with them all.

    Long distance grandparenting is part of living today. Opportunity knocks or the desire to try something else, somewhere else. We have so many choices today. Still, the heart struggles to manage the changes.

    Best to you and your husband and your daughter and family. Hugs, Diana

  8. Katherine, thanks for sharing your thoughts on grown kids moving away. All three of mine are out of town. My son only lives 1 /12 hours away but as an ER and trauma nurse, he has crazy hours. Both my daughters and 3 grandkids live in Atlanta and fortunately it’s only a 2 hour flight. I do envy friends whose kids and grandkids are close,but this way I do have my own time and then when we get together, it’s really special. You’ll find your own schedule and balance, I’m sure.

  9. Ah, I can relate. My parents first moved when I was three. Their families lived in North Carolina, and we lived in south Florida. I usually only saw my grandparents once a year. It would have been wonderful to see family more often, but I feel my different experiences made me who I am today.

    Our son and grandson live about 30 minutes from us, and we consider it a great blessing. They are wonderful, and we enjoy spending time together.

    Fortunately today we have so many ways to communicate. Much more than when we were children. I will pray for your adjustment period, and I know the joy you feel for their new experience will make it all worthwhile.♥

  10. Aw congrats to your daughter’s family, but can understand about the mixed feelings you and your husband are having missing them when they lived only 4 blocks away. Hugs and definitely sending you extra love this weekend. xoxo <3

Love each other as God loves you xo

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