ideas for decorating above the bed

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  1. Hi Pamela, thank you. Our daughter has a huge headboard too. She has a narrow sign above her bed,I can’t remember what it says but it’s about love. I’d love a new bedroom suite. We’ve had ours for over 20 years. Hugs!

  2. These are great ideas, Katherine. My headboard is too high to put anything behind it but we are looking to get a new bed and I can’t wait to use some of these ideas to make my room feel cozy.

  3. I have a big blank space above the head of my bed too! We moved here over 2 years ago, and it is still blank. Our bedroom is very neutral too, and I have been kind of stuck. I just love that print you have now! That’s a great idea for me to consider. xo

    1. Hi sweetie they have so many gorgeous selection. This wrapped canvas print is so beautiful. Hubby isn’t fond of pictures without frames. But he said he really likes this one, score! xox

  4. I was “ afraid” to open post when you wrote about “space above bed”. I was thinking along the line of tacky 1970s mirrored ceiling. Laughs on me. Your ideas are much better

  5. Hi Katherine -I have been struggling for 3 years as to what to put over my bed. I don’t like the shelf idea, or sculpture, etc. I love the Graceful Majesty print. I also love monochromatic/grey, etc. I love love love the print over your bed.

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