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  1. I remember buying from several street vendors in my neighbourhood back in the UK when I was younger.

    Hot roasted chestnuts from a vendor who set up his chestnut roaster on a street corner.

    Winkles, (a sea snail) from a guy who pushed a barrow (just like Sweet Molly Malone in the song) heaped high with winkles. You would buy them by the pint. I can.t remember how mum prepared them, I guess boiling. When you ate them you needed a pin to dig the delicious molusc out of its shell.

    Spanish onions from a man wearing a beret and pushing a bicycle with garlands of onions hanging over the handle bars. I do not know if he was really Spanish but the onions were good.

    There was a mobile knife grinder who would call and sharpen Mum’s carving knives on a pedal powered grinding wheel which he pushed around the streets.

    The king of the street vendors was the ice cream van! When he drove into the street with his music playing, kids would go running into their homes to beg mum for some money to buy ice cream. The two big competitors were Mister Softee and Mister Whippy!

    Very happy memories.

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  3. No street venders but in our malls at certain times of the year they would have kiosks that you could purchase sugar/cinnamon coated almonds made by a German company that was delicious! They also placed them in cones.

  4. I grew up in the country, on a dairy farm. I can remember going to the State Fair where there were lots of yummy foods! =)
    and I always enjoy hearing the ice cream mans truck in the neighborhood!

  5. I lived in Tehran as a teen. There were street vendors there selling nuts. Love them! I love the vendors at Christmas time in Paris selling chestnuts. The street vendors in NYC are awesome, you can buy anything from pretzels to falafels to cupcakes! I live in Los Angeles, so we have Mexican street vendors selling tacos and fruit.. it makes for a colorful city!

  6. Actually I live on Long Island in New York and went to NYC by train, which is only 45 minutes away from me. So I have bought stuff from street vendors in my life often, whether it be food or even clothing/accessories. Could totally relate to this post!! 🙂

  7. Philly soft pretzels from vendors on the street corner! And chasing after the Good Humor truck whenever you would hear it’s bell coming down the street.

  8. oh! when I saw the title, i thought it was about the company – so if you ever need nuts or dried fruit or baking goods, I’d recomend them 🙂 Pistachios and cashews are my favorite nuts, but nope, never had a street vendor where I lived.


  9. Oh, you have brought up such fun memories! When I was a little girl, growing up in Madrid, Spain, my grandmother would take me for a walk every Saturday afternoon and during the winter time, the street vendors would be selling freshly roasted chestnuts. They also, like you said, roll up the page of a newspaper like a cone and fill it up to the brim. We would walk, talk and eat those wonderful treats. If I close my eyes, I can still smell them! Great post!

  10. Yessum! I’ve always been nuts for nuts and there was a peanut vendor in my town. You could always find him merely by following the intoxicating aroma of those hot roasted goodies. Happy Tuesday to you, dear friend Katie!

  11. We didn’t have street vendors, but I loved waiting for the ice cream truck! Pistachios was my mom’s favorite snack and since money was tight, they were always a special treat for us!

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