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  1. I haven’t received a negative comment yet, but then again I don’t have a very large blog yet. Some people struggle so much with being negative and suffering their way through life, that they can’t believe others could for real be that happy. I relate to what you say here, as I too live the same way in life and also have a happy inspirational type of website. It is all just what we focus on in life. People don’t realize they have the power to focus on the good every day (a choice). My life is not all rainbows either, but It is what I create it to be- which is beautiful in itself (tough stuff and all). I too am empathetic and I can tell you are , as you are always so kind to take time to visit others blogs , leave comments, and pay attention to people. I appreciate your blog and your positive outlook. I think you and your blog are great just the way they are!

  2. One of the things I love about you and your blog is that it is always a positive spot to visit!! Even your post today has a positive spin on it! You, my friend, are one of a kind and to the naysayers, I feel sorry for them as they do not know love, faith and happiness and they envy you! Keep your chin up!! 🙂 ~~Angela

  3. Love Everything about your blog and yet you will always find some people with negative feelings which tells me that they aren’t happy in their own life.
    Positive thoughts is the way to go.
    I was taught when I was child; if you have nothing positive good to say about someone or something then say nothing at all.
    Have a great day.

  4. You go, girl! I personally think your blog is realistic. I love your photos and stories and recipes. If I wanted the opposite, yes I’d go to CNN. I haven’t had too many negative comments but I do admit it ruins my day when it happens!

  5. I’m really surprised I have not received any negative comments yet, but my blog is growing, so I am sure I will sometime. 🙂

  6. I love your happy place. There is so much negativity in the world. It is so nice to have a place to go where you are allowed to be happy. I think so many people want to be grumpy. I have avoided too much negativity on my blog. What I have seen are doubters and people who disagree with our Real Food diet because they eat another way.

  7. You just keep your happy place! There’s enough negative in the world. (And why can’t CNN blast some happy news more often?)
    I try to keep my blog a place of positive. I want people to feel good when they visit and even better when they leave. And that’s how I act in real life as well.
    The world isn’t rainbows but people need to see a rainbow now and then or they lose hope.

  8. Good morning my wonderful Katie! its funny both of us have had brain hemmorhages i dont recall if u had to have brain surgery to stop the pouring of enormous amounts of blood n to ur brain from killing ur brain cells & then ur body functions so after the surgery i had no brain rt or lft working so i had to RELEARN EVERYTHING (i forgot to add,B4 THIS i Was A KNOWN tested GENIUS of math and science) thafter the hemmorhage, i didnt know 1+1, so i had to relearn EVERYTHING even how to walk and talk. SO I CHOSE TO BE HAPPY!! even in those time of relearning I CHOSE TO BE HAPPY AND SEE RAINBOWS INSTEAD OF RAIN cause rain seemed hopeless and i chose to have hope JUST LIKE U KATIE!! WE CHOOSE LIFE! even if we had to make NEW NORMALS we choose life and happiness and joy SO I SAID ALL THAT TO SAY THIS:-) I LOVE THIS NON TOXIC ENVIRONMENT OF UR BLOG BECAUSE I KNOW U HAVE CHALLENGES BUT WITH THE CHALLENGES YOU KATIE HAVE CHOSEN TO PAINT THE WALLS CHEERFUL HAPPY COLORS!!!!! see ya later my beautiful precious forever friend Katie

  9. We all need an oasis – a place to refresh ourselves so we can hold our ground with the challenging world and people around us. I gravitate toward positive people for a reason. So glad to spend a few minutes on your site each day as a reminder of the civility and kindness I work hard to maintain in my and my family’s life.

  10. In answer to your questions, yep, I’ve gotten ’em, and that’s fine, I prefer to focus on the positive too. I love coming over here to see your rainbows and unicorns. 🙂

  11. I’m right there with you… happiness is a choice and I choose happiness. There a whole world of media grey, rain clouds out there for folks of that leaning where they can hang out and wallow in the negative, so be it. Stay positive, stay true, stay you.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  12. A soft answer turns away wrath. Don’t let the negative comments get to you. This is sometimes hard to do, but you know that you are doing what you are called to do. Enjoy it.

  13. I’ve had ugly comments on FB about features I’ve shared, and I then hit the delete button! Always enjoy your happy and encouraging spirit Katherine!

  14. I am a happy person by nature as well. I feel great sadness for those who are not happy with themselves or their lives. I give them as much slack as I can and then I forget about them….or perhaps move on is a better way of putting it. I learned long ago that i cannot control others. Only myself.

  15. I blog a lot of rainbows…and happiness so yes….I’ve gotten the nasty comments, too. Some people just can’t stand to see others happy. Too bad for them. I’ve been through a lot in my lifetime and now I’m at a happy place. There are blogs for every interest and every attitude. They should go find one that suits them. I love spending time here! Bring on the unicorns! heehee!

  16. Yes, I think we all have from one time or another and I am like you always try to stay so very positive. It is just who I am too and probably why I just love you Katie!! 🙂

  17. I think this is a wonderful view point to take. Yes, life isn’t always wonderful, but it’s all we’ve got and if we come from a privileged position then what is the point of being miserable? Lovely post!

  18. I have received negative comments when it came to posting photos of my weight loss. Some people just can’t seem to know that we are all works in progress. I love your mantra.

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