chocolate covered pretzels

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  1. Football is on right now, and those strawberries are GORGEOUS! I want one. We have no strawberries in the house, so I have to wait. 🙂 Thanks for the share!

  2. I just found your blog and I love your site! I am also a lover of the football season. It is some quality time I get to spend with my husband. True, he is watching the game and I am usually reading but, at least we are in the same room. 🙂 I am torn between the nacho’s and the pretzels…… I think I will make both. 🙂

  3. I’m with your husband on this issue. I love sports. And, now you have tempted my tastebuds with lots of yummies. Perhaps I need to watch sports at your house.

  4. Those football strawberries are just too cute! Think I will make some of them soon since we love strawberries dipped in chocolate! Well, just about anything dipped in chocolate gets my vote.

  5. All of these look amazing!! We call soccer here football! We watch our soccer, but I’ve not seen American football since I left America many years ago. Sometimes I miss it 🙂 I would most definitely sit down for a game if any of these were being passed around :))) Thank you very much for liking my facebook page, I appreciate it :)) I’ve followed you through bloglovin’ as it’s easier for me to keep up with blog posts :)) Have a gorgeous day doll xx

  6. So, did the hubby watch the Monday night game (FSU/Pittsburg) as you were proposing all the food options? Quite a quarterback performance!

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