new use for lingerie bag

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  1. Your lingerie bag idea is brilliant, I had a chuckle because my lingerie bags all have embroidered or printed pictures of bras and pants on the front and I would imagine that would raise an eyebrow with your nephews wife!
    PS Go on make my day, tell me you tidied up your pantry especially to take that photo?!

  2. Katie, love these tips! I’ve done some of them but here’s one for the eyeglass case. I have a large one that wasn’t being used so I now keep my iPod in it, along with my earbuds and the USB recharge cord.

    Blessings & hope you’re doing better!

  3. Really a great fancy idea for that eyeglasses case, you always come up with those simple ideas with a big result! Thanks for sharing it Katie – have a wonderfull weekend

  4. Super super!! I do love when I can use one thing for many other things, it makes it easier, as I don’t like going to the store so much. These are great!! I hope you have a lovely Friday & weekend too xx

  5. I LOVE the lingerie bag idea! I use a lot of the little rectangular plastic baskets and have other, regular baskets I use for toys, washcloths and hand towels and mail that gets dropped on the counter. Hadn’t thought of anything as ideal as the eyeglass case/first aid kit. Great idea, Katie!

Love each other as God loves you xo

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