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  1. I love their AutoSeal and AutoSpout technology. I tend to spill everything even when using mugs and bottles that say their spill proof. The Contigo technology looks like it would definitely solve that problem.

  2. I would buy a new TV, our on-off switch does not work. Then a birthday present for my daughter. This would help so much. Thank you for offering this.

  3. i learned that they have more than just pitchers. They have travel mugs, water bottles and bottles for kids as well. They also have autoseal so they close on their own!

  4. My husband has one of these travel mugs, and I think that they are the best quality of travel mugs that I have seen.

  5. If I were lucky enough to win, I would check off several things that I’ve had on my wish list for quite some time. I can’t normally buy online, so I would be STOKED! lol

  6. I’d probably use it to help pay off Christmas, if something else doesn’t come up in the mean time. Thanks!

  7. My only Grandchild’s birthday is in March, so I will probably spend some on her and then the rest on stuff I need for the house.

  8. If I were to win the PayPal cash, I’d use to finish organizing and decorating my apartment. So fun!! Thank-you for the awesome chance!

  9. Hi! I learned that Contigo makes a wide variety of items that are BPA Free. Everything from adult bottles, children’s bottles, mugs, and pitchers. Nice! Thank-you for this generous chance. 🙂

  10. I’m not sure what I would spend it on…….On the one hand I could use it to treat myself to something nice or (the more likely thing) put it towards my land tax bill…….hmmm, what to do, what to do??

  11. I’d spend the PayPal winnings to get some real exercise equipment — a mat, fitness ball, clothing, and all that I would need to get fit in style! Of course, I would need some Contigo water bottles!

  12. I will be spending the paypal cash for my new born daughter for her new clothes and essentials needs♡♡♡

  13. I would use it for something useful. A bill, or save it for my kids birthdays. 🙂 And splurge on a contigo shake and mix, love that.

  14. I learned that Contigo’s first innovation was their patented AUTOSEAL technology which was designed to automatically seal between sips.

  15. I would use the cash towards a new tv soundbar. My current one is blown out and being on disability I watch a lot of tv and movies.

  16. I would use the cash to pay my deductible on my prescription coverage and would feel so blessed to win!!

  17. I learned that the Cortland Water Bottle autoseals and is leakproof. That’s pretty awesome in my opinion!

  18. I have learned that Contigo products have a lifetime guarantee. This piece of information is very important to me because I have a child who breaks everything he gets his hands on.

  19. that there are so many cute colors and designs I want.. I already know about the seals and spouts because I have owned one before.

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  21. My family and I are saving for a beach vacation. We haven’t been away in a few years. This pay pal giveaway would be a great bonus in our vacation fund!

  22. I would love to have the water bottle and pitcher, really think I’d drink more water if I had bottle beside me here at my pc to remind me to drink. If something is right in front of me I use it and keep using it. Drinking water is so important and I tend to get dehydrated. Hubs drinks water all the time and reminds me to. He’s been same weight all 46 yrs. we’ve been together. We won’t talk about my weight but could stand to lose 10 lbs. anyway.
    Winning the Pay Pal money would be great since both granddaughters and daughter have b/d’s next month and April. Two of grandsons have b/d’s end of Jan. and 2/1. Our “disposable income is quite limited on SS so it’s hard to stretch it with so many b/d’s.
    Thanks for chance Happy New Year I subscribed to Katherine’s corner and joined a circle. Also follow her on Facebook, think I did anyway.

  23. My PayPal cash would be used for embroidery designs and fabric from online fabric shops! I love Etsy items too!

  24. I discovered there is a wide range of travel beverage containers. When I say a wide range, I mean an awful lot. They look great too.

  25. When I visited Contigo, I discovered the 20 oz. AUTOSEAL Aria Stainless Travel Mug. I sure would love to own one!

  26. If I won, I would use the Paypal on a nice Valentine’s dinner and candy for my hubby and son. It would be nice to surprise them both with a steak dinner 🙂

  27. I discovered that Contigo’s innovation it the patented AUTOSEAL technology which was designed to automatically seal between sips so you never have to worry about spilling another drop. 🙂

  28. I just realized I put a comment down here on the first “comment” question….so I hope that was ok. Anyway! I would definitely buy some glass water bottles (I love the grayed jade color!). They would make great gifts too! Love them!

  29. I would like to get the 20 oz. Purity Glass Water Bottle in grayed jade! So pretty looking, and I would use it all of the time!

  30. I would use the paypay money toward party supplies for my parents’ big 60th anniversary celebration coming up this year

  31. I would use the money to buy myself some jewelry from Eves Addiction. Great site with lots of affordable pieces. If not that then I would buy a new pair of boots. Either way, I would spend it on myself and not feel at all guilty about it! Thanks for this great opportunity!

  32. I really want to enter this compition but I can see the enter button on each task. I am using a phone, thats all I have.

  33. I’d buy the AUTOSEAL® Pitcher Set, 2 of them, one to have at my desk at work and another for home, and some workout clothes.

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