luck of the Irish Giveaway

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  1. if I won, I would replace some clothes. I have lost 55 lbs and not a lot fits anymore. I would also replace sheets and towels for kitchen and bath. Other than that I am not sure. I would spend it well though.

  2. The first thing I would buy is a battery for my darn car! Then….I would fill my car up with gas. Here is praying I win!!!!

  3. I would help my daughter pay for college! She works two jobs to pay her way through and I would love to be able to help her.

  4. Well, next summer I’ll moving from Portugal to the Unites States so the money would really help us on buying supplies for the new home!

  5. My husband and I would take a small vacation to see our grandkids!! We usually go every other year, but we would surprise everyone!!!

    Judy Cox

  6. Well, being I don’t like to shop, I probably will let my hubby decide on what he would like to spend it on

  7. I want to win because I really need the prize due to the fact that I have worked very hard the past 6 months and lost 40lbs. I stopped drinking soda and eating fatty foods, making better choices actually on what I eat. Also I am walking 2 miles every morning and doing 30 mins of cardio
    every afternoon. I’m adopting this way of life to stay thin and healthy!! Now the side effect of this weight loss is wonderful!! It’s called self confidence…I am so proud of myself for accomplishing my goal. The bad side effect of my weight loss is that none of my clothes fit me any more! With this money I could start a new fitting wardrobe!! Wow would it be a HUGE help, as well as a treat for all my hard work!

  8. Thank you for joining the sponsor team for the giveaway my friend! Who wouldn’t want to win $500! Three people are going to feel really lucky on St. Patricks Day thanks to YOU and 85 blogger friends! Here’s to an awesome giveaway! And THANK YOU for your help! Have a terrific weekend!

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