unexpected home decor

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  1. When you know a person and their style, you might be surprised by some decor elements. We have items gifted for different occasions that we display, although they don’t always fit our style. I once made a mistake by overly sharing how much I love owls (the real, living birds!) and what do you know…I now have a collection of anything owl. I told my family if I get another owl figurine for my birthday I will scream, lol. Suppose I should’ve told them I like money? 😀 Thank you for linking up at Thursday Favorite Things and hosting this wonderful hop!

  2. My friend is a home decor queen and loves to decorate her home with glamorous pieces. She often comes home from discount stores, antique stores and cheap home decor stores online with super bargains. I love what you have found.

  3. Beautiful pieces in your home and same here with having a mix of what you may expect versus what you might not. Part of the fun of decorating though. Happy Friday, Katie xoxo 😉

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