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  1. Thanks so much for another wonderful giveaway! i truly look forward to them each month! They are always so nice and I usually get just alittle jealous of the lucky winner, lol enjoy the rest of your summer Katherine 🙂

    1. I forgot to say that i would use the money if i won for our family’s upcoming trip to the shore. 🙂 thanks for this wonderful chance 🙂

  2. I really love the “Live Laugh Love” engraved sign from Katherine’s Black Canyon Woodworks shop.

  3. I would use the money for birthday gifts for my family or maybe a new area rug for in our living room.

  4. I would use Amazon Credit to chip away at my massive wish list of books for my Kindle and Kitchen items atet I want but don’t really need.

  5. I love picnics! If I win this awesome gift, I’ll pack a picnic and head to my favorite park. Love the shape of this basket. I’d use the cash for something on my “wish list”. Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. Thank you so much for the giveaway! It would be awesome if I win, I can pay some bill with the cash 😉

  7. Thanks so much for your giveaway. I am sure the $ would go toward goodies for grandkids.

  8. There are so many shops to check out , I really wanted to get a peek into the soaps and tea sets, but they are not up yet, I have saved the page so I can go back and check on them.

  9. I am pretty much starting over, so I hope to have an amazon gift card, I will probably be spending this on sheets, curtains and a few other things I am in need of..

  10. This is a Great Give-Away, Katherine!!! With the picnic basket Robert and I can go fishing and have a picnic lol. As for the $175.00 USD or Amazon Gift Card ~ If I choose the cash I will buy some new clothes, plants, and some house hold Items that is needed. But if I choose the Amazon Gift Card I am going to by some christian books that I found at Ruby’s Reading Corner last week.

  11. Of all the items in the shops, I especially love the Silver Heart Brides Bouquet Locket, In Loving Memory of Dad! It would have been my Dad’s 90th birthday yesterday. He’s been gone almost 13 years now and I miss him immensely!

  12. If I won I think I would use some of it for clothes for myself….it’s been awhile since I have bought some. My closet is looking pretty boring! Thank you!

  13. The choice of item(s) that I would put this towards is to put towards much needed items in turning a room into an office. Should I be fortunate the first item (of many) to which I’d put this prize is that of an L-Shape desk / file-folder shelf. In getting such an opportunity I can get more organized; being I cant afford a laptop!

  14. I love all the shops, but think I’d like the House-Home shop the most. I’m looking for accessories for my house – we recently redid our living room, but I haven’t really put anything other than furniture into it. It’s very bare – and boring.

  15. If I won, I would drive across 3 states to visit my daughter and my grandchildren. I have not yet met my granddaughter, I would take them all on a picnic to the beach or nearest lake. I have not seen them since she moved 5 years ago. I finally got a car again. It has been 10 years since my carjacking incident. I was shot and it took this long to be able to finally drive. I can’t wait to see them all. I was planning the trip but am having problems getting up the cash, I mean I just got the car. If I won this it would really help.Thank you kindly for the opportunity for some smiles! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  17. I would use the paypal cash to buy an outfit for my Great Niece or Nephew who will is Due on Sept 6..My Sister is giving her a shower the end of July! We are in the middle of remodeling our Kitchen and this paypal Cash woulf really come in handy!! Thankyou <3

  18. I would spend my paypal cash on summertime fun essentials!! Maybe some gourmet foods and wine for my picnic basket and an amazing blanket to dine on!!

  19. I would spend the money on spaying a female feral cat. I spay a neuter cats here in the neighborhood. That would cover the spay, and she wont keep having kittens. I feed a feral colony and socialize the kittens so they can have homes.

  20. I would love to win a picnic basket, we do them a lot over the summer. Our summers are mild in the mountains, only 88 degrees today, and rarely goes into the 90s. I’d use a gift certificate for more tablescaping goodies, feeding one of my many habits, LOL!!

  21. In the entry for leaving a comment at Katherine’s Corner, I like the teaspoons or anything to do with tea, I have a collection of tea pots that I had to have my son in law put up shelves just to have some place to put them! Thank you!

  22. If I won, I would use the money to get containers for all of my baking supplies and maybe some organization products for my brand new refridgerator! Thank you!

  23. Re: WOW, I need the prize to buy much needed grocery & supplement to get well soon. Wow, prize cash is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me! Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Starving artist here desperately needs the cash to shop and eat. A life changing exp.

  24. I would love to win the Paypal cash to win some things from your shop and from Etsy. Thanks for the great giveaway! Love summer and picnics too! 🙂

  25. I would buy a Southwestern tote bag and a duffle that I have on my list at Amazon. I love everything
    that has native american designs. These would be perfect for my trip to New Mexico.

  26. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway. I love going on picnics, though sadly we hardly ever go on one. I love the picnic basket!
    I would probably save the money or buy a missionary book with part of it. 🙂

  27. I love finding wonderful, new bloggers. I’ve been a follower of Roz for quite a while and am happy to be a new subscriber here. Congratulations on a wonderful giveaway partnership! I love to cook and entertain outdoors in the summer and I’m in need of some new unbreakable dishes, so that’s how I would use the gift card.

  28. I would buy something new for my courtyard. We’ve just worked on making it look nice and it would be great to have new cushions for our lawn chairs or some kind of sculpture. Something FUN! Hugs!

  29. Hi again! Under the “Twitter follow”, it’s not multiple entries, but just leads to Simple Nature Decor’s Twitter page! Thanks!

  30. Hi! The “visit Facebook” entry has a link that leads to Pinterest, not Facebook! Thank you for your time and help and this awesome giveaway! 🙂

  31. Would use the cash for craft supplies or will give prize to husband and let him choose what he would want.
    Thank You

  32. I must say, I enter dozens and dozens of giveaways. Yours are always the best ones! I would use the Amazon on grocery and pantry items. I love getting my baking supplies for goodies, cookies.. delivered to my front door with free shipping. Nothing beats that it is like Christmas to get boxes I think. Thank you for this giveaway chance.

    1. Thank you,that is wonderful to know. It’s always nice to know that you are enjoying the giveaways. good luck this month and thank you hugs for being a Katherines Corner subscriber.

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