birthday lasagna

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  1. Yummo!! This sounds amazing!! I love veggie lasagna!! I honestly had no idea they made no prep noodles! What a time saver!! My birthday menu usually involves going out to PF Changs my favorite restaurant, and afterwards some indulgent dessert!! Typically cheesecake 😉

    1. So sorry to learn you had one too. Now promise you won’t laugh… I broke it lifting weights. Doesn’t that make me sound like one of the weightlifters who can bench press the weight of a car, LOL. Seriously I do use my weights 3 times a week during my exercise time. I knew I hurt my wrist a few weeks ago. But, I just kept going, completely ignorant to that fact it could have been broken. This went on for three weeks, trying tylenol and heat etc. One Saturday morning I woke in so much pain, we went to the urgent care and taa daa a hairline fracture. I felt so dumb for not coming in sooner. Truth is Florence, if someone else would have told me their wrist was hurting for three week’s I would have said let’s go to the hospital right now. Sigh….. Hugs!

    1. Alex I think you would like this, I add eggplant and other veggies depending on the season. It freezes well which makes it great when you are in a rush or late preparing dinner. Just pop it into the microwave and taa daa. Hugs!

  2. I’m so hungry right now I could eat the photo of your lasagna! It looks delicious and I bet I’d never be able to have one helping. And I love pie the most, too! I’d have a birthday pie over cake as well. My birthday menu would definitely include one – I’d have a dinner salad as the entree and then a giant piece of pie so I wouldn’t feel too guilty.

    Sorry about your broken wrist-bummer!

    1. Jean you are such a sweetie, I feel like that when I go to recipe sites. Happy to know that the quick snap was still appetizing. With the kids and grandchildren all on their way over it was the best I could do. Hugs, P.S> eat the pie first!

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