Pie Monday Inspirations

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  1. Ohhh Soo much YUMMY !! I loove pie, ESPECIALLY pecan, chocolate, and pumpkin…this is the best season for them!! The apple oatmeal, peanut butter and whoopie pies look very yummy as well!

  2. You had me at pie….who doesn’t love pie?! I love Peanut Butter Pie…..it’s my favorite! Key Lime, Apple, Peach….any kind of pie!

  3. Those look delicious! I’m really curious about that Swedish Apple Oatmeal pie! I’m wanting to change it up for the holidays this year. I make the same pies each year and maybe it’s time for something new!

  4. Oh, dear. I SO LOVE PIE! I’m asking one for my birthday this year! I once went to a Pie Party last summer and I made a glutton of myself. It was heaven.

  5. These inspirations are all so fun….and have you ever heard of the Pie Lab in Greensboro, Alabama? It’s close to the rural college my daughter attends.

  6. They look lush! Well apart from the peanut butter one, can’t abide peanut butter.
    The Sewdish apple one looks interesting using cardammon instead of cinnamon which I think spoils the taste of the apples.
    Thanks for these ideas although I really shouldn’t be eating stuff like this before Christmas!

  7. I probably wished for world peace, or more love in the world, or to have people nicer to each other! I really have so much and want for nothing! (o.k., maybe a Desk armoire!)

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