3 new uses for old things

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  1. I don’t know how I missed this article but I love it! I love how you repurposed all the items. I am so in need of the shower caddy idea. My husband bought the shower holder and the holes run horizontal and are huge! I am constantly fishing my littler items off the shower floor. This will solve that problem. Thanks so much! Love them!

  2. You have 3 lovely ideas to use something old into something new. I really love your Pretty Tea Towel your niece made you. You found a nice place to keep it on display!! I don’t think I would ever use it myself..I would just keep it on display. It truly is a Lovely Piece.. Hugs~

  3. I love these ideas. I have several serving trays that have seen better day and everyone here has at least 2 pairs of shoes and boots they wear every day. I think all 3 of us can have our own tray and stop piling wet boots on top of wet boots. and I have a lovely collection of vintage hand embroidered tea towels and runners that have small holes or stains that can be patchworked to make lovely, really lovely covers for my Instant pot and Belini Thermal cooker. Thank you for the ides!

  4. I am the queen of reusing old things. I just love repurposing things and extending their lives. I love the use of the tea towels. I too have a towel collection and look for cute ways to use.

    1. Barrie, never underestimate your creativity, I bet if you look around a bit you may discover you are already using something in a new way. Happy to know you like the tray idea, give it a try. Hugs!

  5. Great ideas!! I would worry about that metal pencil holder rusting over time though!! I try to reuse old items for new things because I hate to see things end up in landfills!! Im not very crafty though lol!!

    1. Hi Amber, I’ve had it in the shower for about a year and no rust. It’s powder coated painted metal so if it does rust I think it may take a while. Thank you for keeping your eco footprint small too. Big Hugs!

  6. Katherine, I love all of these ideas! As I was reading the bit about the pencil holder in the shower, I kept thinking about how they probably have similar items in the bath section at Target…and they probably cost 4 times as much as a pencil holder! So brilliant idea in so many ways! And the tray as a boot/shoe resting place. I love it! Thanks for sharing.


  7. What a wonderful post! The tray idea for shoes is wonderful and exactly what I need to do. I’m off to find a pretty one for inside my back door. And the tea towel cover up is great, too! I got an Instant Pot a month ago and it’s fantastic. So, I guess I’ll buy one of my own tea towels and use it to hide the beast. Yes, it is a big appliance but I cleared almost everything from my counter so that I had more space.

    1. hello bright light, the wellies are from Walmart, I bought them a couple of years ago. They may still carry them. You know how they hang onto stock and bring it out again every season. xo

  8. The tea towel is so pretty. My mom loves linens like that and vintage printed handkerchiefs. We are always on the lookout for vintage linens at estate sales for her. I like the 40’s and 50’s style tablecloths. I am always afraid that my kids will get pretty things like that stained.

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