short sentences

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  1. Katherine, I can’t figure out where to click to pin from your Keepsakes by Katherine page. What am I missing?

    1. Hi Naomi, if you have the red p for Pinterest in your toolbar (at the top of your screen) you can click it, and it will show you images to save, or just right click and save to Pinterest. Good luck with the giveaway, hugs!

  2. Katie, I hope you are well my friend.
    You are so clever to promote your giveaway with these cute posts!!!
    I have been scheduling the giveaway to share too.
    I hope you are well my friend

  3. HI katherine, i love this! I shared a cute picture with one of my Turkish towels and our new rescue puppy on Instagram. Those towels are making appearances on a few recipes! Love them! thank you my friend! laura

  4. Love this post, its so true we do live out life in short sentences. Maybe thats good whenit comes to keeping life simple. Hugs

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