early morning stroll

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  1. Beautiful accident!! I cannot wait to start on our garden next spring. We just moved into our forever home so I have to anxiously await
    In reference to Bali bag if I could travel anywhere in the world it would be to Prague. Such a beautiful city, full of history & culture.

  2. Fun to have a ‘freebie’, LOL. I was moaning my Liatris had died, and then it showed up two feet away at the front of the flower bed, instead of in the back. I will have to move it when it’s done blooming. Crazy year, but your garden is looking GREAT!

  3. What a nice stroll.. You guys have a very impressive veggie garden. I am envious. I love the little angel you have sitting in your flower box. So very cute. TFS and enjoy your beautiful garden.

  4. The flowers that grow because they want to are so special. I’m glad to find someone who celebrates beautiful accidents! Have a great remainder of your summer, and I hope everything grows extra fast to make up for the slow start.

    1. Dorothy thank you for your lovely comment, it’s important to celebrate such wonderful surprises. I look forward to sharing some photos of the garden at the end of the month too. Hugs!

    1. thank you, Alex, my darling friend. It is one of my hubby’s happy places. He is an amazing gardener. I look forward to sharing an update at the end of the month too. thank you for the kind comment about my photos and Izzy is one of my favorite things to photograph (grandkids first). Hugs!

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