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  1. Well this may be slightly disappointing. I can remember that I have obsessed over things, but can’t think of any examples as I rack my brain to think of one…sorry Glad all is well with your neighbors.

  2. I once gave away a surprise birthday party that a friend was giving for her husband. I called her to ask what time the party was and he happened to answer the phone which I wasn’t expecting. I just blurted out “What time is the party?” to him! He said something like “I don’t know, let me get my wife.” Then she answered and I realized what I had done and apologized but the deed was done and the surprise was ruined. It was never mentioned and our relationship–which hadn’t been super-close, remained the same, but whenever I tho’t about it I just cringed and often tho’t how embarrassed I was and how I probably should have acknowledged the blunder and apologized again. I obsessed about it frequently for years. I just felt terrible. I don’t remember whether I ended up attending the party or not but remember seriously considering not going I felt so humiliated.

    How hard we are on ourselves sometimes for simply being human.

  3. Aw, what a sweet story. And, YES!, I obsess over things all of the time. I often do this, because I’m so introverted, and I worry that by not seeming sociable, I’ve offended someone!

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