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  1. Katherine,
    I really loved this post… I became a nurse because since my sister was one, my mother insisted that that was what I do…It never would have been the profession I chose for myself…BUT it served me well and I was able to provide my sons with a lifestyle that they deserved because of my profession and also allowed both of us to retire early at 62…I feel that right now, in retirement, I am doing exactly what I wanted to do when I grew up….I am gardening, decorating and crafting and I also do get to write whether it is on my blog or on my face book posts…If I did not become a nurse, I do believe I would have looked into some sort of career in journalism…And like you, I get to do that now…Thaks for sharing!!

    1. Deb I know just what you mean. My Mother wanted me to be a translator ( I was always good at picking up new languages. She did also encourage me to be a writer as well. She thought I could do both. She is still my biggest fan. I ended up working in the medical field as well. Hubby and I discuss retirement often. He is so ready, but because of the health and life insurance he has decided to wait a couple more years. He’ll be 64 this October. I’m happy to know your nursing career was a positive one, even though it wasn’t your first choice. It is wonderful that it afforded you the opportunity to retire early.I think you are living your retirement life in a fulfilling way and that means so much too. Thank you for sharing. xo

  2. Oh, I just love this, Katherine! You accomplished your goal because you write such wonderful things here at your blog. You are a such a good writer. I always had a different answer to that question, growing up. At one point, I also wanted to be a writer, and then a pre-school teacher, and then a doctor, and then a social worker, and then an occupational therapist, and then a school psychologist! LOL I did get the undergraduate Psychology degree, but never went on for the PhD. I ended up as a reading tutor, which was a perfect fit! xo

    1. Oh Pam thank you so much my friend. I love that you found your perfect fit! I strongly believe God has a path for each of us and we know we’ve reached it when it feels just like that..a perfect fit. Thank you so much for sharing. xox

  3. I started writing as a child and have always written short stories and poems, I’m working on my memoir now. As for what what my answer was, ever since age five I wanted to be a nurse. I accomplished that goal!!

Love each other as God loves you xo

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