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  1. So very cute! I love the wooden ladybugs and the red accents. A cheery way to say ‘summer’. Ladybugs are indeed lucky — for gardeners. I’m always excited to see them in my garden, fighting the pests for me. They’ve even been in space on a NASA mission!

    Thank you for organizing another fun tray tour! I love the variety and creativity on display!

    1. Sandra, thank you so much for your sweet comment. Yes the ladybug has seen space travel. We love to find them in our garden too. Thank you for joining in the fun. Hugs!

  2. Katherine, your ladybug theme is just too cute. You have so many wonderful details to make it shine. Love the ribbon you added. Ladybugs are so wonderful, like you stated, they are lucky. I love all of the little signs and touches. A pleasure joining you. Thanks so much for organizing this fun blog tour.

  3. Katherine,
    As a lover of red, this tray spoke to my heart!! And the Lady Bugs just scream Summer!! Love it!! So darn cute!! Thanks so much for shopping by and thanks for hosting this lovely Tour!!

    1. Thank you Debbie, how wonderful that red is your favorite color, could there be a ladybug tray in your future? Its a pleasure to have you join in the fun. Hugs!

  4. Katherine, what a fun day it is to hop across all these wonderful summer themed trays. Thank you for organizing and hosting us. I had to smile you lady bug theme. My sister loves ladybugs, so I copied the link and sent it right to her inbox!
    Not, not too many ladybugs in your tray! I love your husband’s response that it is a Ladybug Garden. Your tray and your entire post are sheer delight. Happy Summer! Loved this hop!

    1. Hello Sarah. Your comment is like a hug, thank you so much for your kind words. It was a joy having you participate. I hope your sister smiled when she saw it ( thank you for sharing). Hugs!

  5. Katherine your ladybug tray is precious! My son just captured a ladybug yesterday and made a little terrarium to keep as his pet. Thank you so much for having me in this hop! I had a great time seeing everyone’s trays and decor ideas.

    1. Thank you so much Nicolle. Oh how wonderful that he has a little lady bug pet.(smile) How’s it doing? Sorry for the delay in replying i just found your comment and a couple others. Thank you for joining in the fun. Hugs!

  6. How cute, Katherine. Lady bugs are perfect for summer, and your tray is making me smile this afternoon. 😀

  7. Katherine, your ladybug tray is darling! I love your attention to detail and thanks again for hosting us! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  8. Hi, Katherine! I love your summery and happy go lucky Ladybug Garden on a tray! Thank you so much for hosting another wonderful tour. Hugs!

  9. Katherine- your ladybug summer tray is lovely. I love the theme and you made it so cheery – perfect for summertime! So many great details sprinkled throughout. It just made me smile. Thank you again for organizing this group. It’s always so much fun. XO- MaryJo

  10. That’s darling, Kathering! Your husband was right – it’s a beautiful ladybug garden! Thanks so much for organizing the tour – I can’t wait to see everyone’s ideas. Hope you have a lovely blog tour day!

  11. This is just adorable Katherine! I love your happy ladybug garden! You found so many cute ladybugs!
    The greenery adds wonderful texture. So smart to put ladybug ribbon around the edge of your cake plate to create a tier, and the signs are such fun! Thank you so much for hosting our tray tours!

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