Sep 17 2011

Shabby Chic Wreath Craft

Shabby Chic Wreath Craft-

My art room is in a constant state of almost done. It is the only room in the house that isn’t a mix of modem and traditional styles. It’s shabby chic, totally girlie, pinks and pastels and flowers.It’s  a pleasant on going project. I’m adding to it a little at a time. Just a little bit  here and a little bit  there…. Eventually it will all come together. I use the room for more than just my creating it has a little bed in it too ( it was in the Wordless Wednesday post this week .) Our oldest granddaughter stays in my art room when she sleeps over. She likes pink too. Our other grandchildren all curl up together in the queen sized bed in our guest room,they’re small and they all fit for now.

It’s been a while since I posted a new craft so it’s the perfect opportunity for me to add a little something to my art room too.

What You Need

Styrofoam Wreath 12-14 inches

Cotton fabric   1/2 yard

Cotton batting 1  small bag


Glue gun


Embellishments, fabric flowers, silk flowers, buttons, rosettes, pearls, lace,  etc.

Straight pin

Note: click on any image to get an enlarged photo.

Lets Make It!  Make a snip on the end of the fabric about 2-3 inches wide and then tear ( this will leave a frayed and uneven edge , shabby) . You will need approximately 8 strips at 3 inches wide to cover a 14 inch wreath.

Pull batting from bag and begin to place all over the front of the wreath, you can do the top and sides too if you prefer. But leave the back without batting so it will lay flat against the wall/door.

Once you have it covered. Take a strip of fabric, dot it with a bit of hot glue and then place it on the wreath. Add a straight pin to mark your starting point and to hold it in place while the glue dries…

Begin wrapping the fabric slowly and evenly over the batting and around the wreath. Dotting the fabric with glue occasionally to keep it in place, do not apply glue directly to the foam ( it will melt). Wrap completely until you come to the pin where you started. Add a final dot of glue.

Time for a little ribbon. Starting at the back by your pin put a drop of glue on the ribbon and lay it over the fabric and begin wrapping. Spread it out a bit you don’t want to cover all of your wonderful shabby edges.

Now it’s fluff time! Start making/gathering, ribbon flowers ( see how to here) buttons, lace, pearls, whatever you want. If you’d like to make some fabric rosettes ( sorry I haven’t posted a tutorial on rosettes ) here’s a great video to help.  After you have everything you want ready to attach. Lay it all in on your wreath first and position it where you want it before you glue it on. This is important there’s no turning back once you glue it on.


I made a couple of rosettes and added some lace and this fun heart button on mine.

Almost done. It’s time to make a bow. use the the some ribbon you wrapped with or use some other ribbon or lace to create your bow, it’s all up to you. I made a loose folding bow ( shabby) .Tie a hanging ribbon around the top of your wreath. Before you glue your bow on.

Shabby chic! That’s one more piece for the art room. I hung it on this lovely hook and it can be seen as you walk into the room. You know what’s coming next….Taa Daa!

shabby chic wreath katherines corner


If you decide to make your own shabby chic wreath wreath please let me know I’d love to see photos of your finished projects.


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  1. Gloria

    Thanks for posting this tutorial on your pretty wreath with all the info and photos. The finished wreath is perfect and the rose with the gem is especially pretty.

  2. Mumsy

    This is amazing! Such a wonderful tutorial! Thanks for sharing!~Hugs, M

    1. Katherines Corner

      my pleasure hugs right back :-)

  3. Ginger @ Small Town USA

    Very cute. Great idea. I can see this in my bathroom or quest room.

    1. Katherines Corner

      hi Ginger, thank you.

  4. Jeanne

    Hi Katherine, your tutorial is great and the wreath is so pretty. A very nice welcome to a Pink Saturday post.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  5. Camille

    Love your wreath! So pretty and feminine, and I love pink!

  6. Carol

    I love it Katie! I’m thinking each of my daughters will get one of these just because.

  7. thisisme

    Such a pretty little thing that you have made there! you really are so talented. I love the feminine colours!

  8. Dee

    Love it! It’s so girly!!!


  9. Laura

    Cute project!!!
    I’m enjoying getting to meet other bloggers via Stalk Remix All Weekend Blog Hop. I followed you on FB and GFC. Please visit me too if you have time, thanks!

  10. kathy

    Hi Katherine,

    I love the rosette. My mom always kept buttons, especially fancy or unique patterns. She would even remove them from old clothes before discarding them. Buttons are always renewable!

    I think I figured out the Triberr thing too. sent you a dm on twitter :)

    Have a great weekend!

  11. ed pilolla

    that is a clever and nice looking craft.

  12. Ms. A

    I need a art/craft room. All my stuff is scattered and packed away and hasn’t been used in forever! I miss it.

  13. Charo

    So creative! Love it!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  14. Jodi Hall

    Lovely! I love the color too!

  15. Carol

    Beautiful wreathe! You created it so well! ~ thanks ~namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) lined with Weekend Blog Hop (Planet Weidknecht

  16. Beverly

    Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Katherine. I am so glad you joined us, and I hope you will continue.

    Your wreath is so pretty. I love the pattern in the fabric you used, and it looks just perfect.

  17. brandi

    hi Katherine, What a cute wreath. I love it! I hope you are doing well and had a wonderful weekend!

  18. Carol

    Always so fun to see what you are up too. Nice in pink.

  19. Nina

    Hello Dear Friend . . . . thinking of you today and praying for your time away from us. Please feel free to call me whenever you have time and feel up to it. I’m going to feature this craft project, and some of your recipes in the October issue of Ruby – I know you always say that it is OK but I just want to let you know and tell you how much I appreciate your generosity in sharing your wonderful ideas with our readers. You are truly a treasure, and your friendship is a gift that I am so grateful for. Please let me know how you are doing as soon as you can. Big Hugs, N

  20. Lavender Dreams

    How pretty! I love the beautiful colors you’ve used for this project! Looks like something I would like to make! Hugs! ♥

  21. Felicity

    Truly gorgeous Katie!

  22. Brenda H

    I don’t have the patience to make beautiful things I have found and it never turns out the way I want it to. Your wreath is beautiful!

    I came by through your hop!

  23. Jackie

    Katie, this is adorable!!!! So cute, thank you for the tutorial!!!

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