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It’s Tid Bit Tuesday


Successful people all over the world say it, graduation speakers say, plaques and bumper stickers declare it, Oprah shouts it, “follow your bliss”.





bliss katherines cornerThere are a lot of inspirational stories about people who gave up there unsatisfying jobs and found happiness starting a vineyard, opening a flower shop, or raising llamas. I love those stories, don’t you? I worked for 30 years managing other peoples businesses. I found my time working in the medical field and managing a brokerage satisfying and rewarding. But, I cannot say any of my jobs were ever blissful. Please don’t misunderstand me, satisfying, rewarding and able to pay living expenses are very important, and are at the top of everyone’s list.

A few years ago circumstances in our lives changed and I found myself at home instead of gainfully employed. It was a challenge ( it still is sometimes) . But, there was a renewed desire for me to follow my bliss. To awaken my creative self, and take photos, make things, and to write! I found the perfect place to follow my bliss right here at Katherines Corner and at my online shops, Keepsakes By Katherine and Be Well Gifts.

Sometimes your bliss is reawakened in an unexpected manner. Sometimes it’s a whisper, sometimes it’s a shout. However it presents itself, I hope you are able to follow your bliss too, and I hope you don’t have to wait 30 years to do it. But, if you do, I can tell you, it is worth the wait.

Before I start getting negative comments – I’m, not saying to throw your well-paying job away and run out and plant a sunflower farm. I am also not addressing the bliss that is found is being a stay at home Mom/Dad. I am saying…. if it’s possible, follow your bliss, or in some way incorporate it into your life. Our time here is short.

Have you found your bliss?

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  1. Good for you for finding your bliss and following it. I’m not quite sure what my bliss would involve, it’s been a long time since I’ve considered it. I’m hoping to find it behind a camera.

  2. I am following my bliss by means of my blog. Katie. Over the past four years I have rescued The Shady Dell from almost total obscurity and made it famous again. Through SDM&M and Shady Del Knight, the fictional character who hosts the site, I have built a brand recognized not only in my hometown but across America and around the world. Like John Ettline, the man to which I pay tribute, I love to entertain people, add music and laughter to their day, offer them relief from the hassles of daily life, make them feel welcome, special and important. Bringing people together, sharing genuine friendship and love – these are the things I live for – my bliss.

  3. I do enjoy my job, although it’s not bliss. But playing my guitar is. Won’t ever make money at it, but it’s peace for me.
    Glad you found your peace.

  4. :) Following back via Linky Tools! :) Sincere thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! <3 I swear when I get a comment I just smile all day long! haha…so cheesy, I know! As for following my bliss, I think I'm finally grasping that concept! My business is doing well, and nothing makes me happier than happy customers! :)


  5. Nicole Robinson says:

    I have definitely found my bliss in expressing my creativity and have started a blog to share with others. I am making new friendships via blogging and am loving every minute of it!! The only problem I’m having now is trying to shut my thoughts down to go to sleep at night!!
    I’m happy to hear you are enjoying your experience!

  6. I love this thought. I have a sign above my kitchen sink that says, “Live with Passion.” I want to live life to the full! Everyday being used up in a way that is satisfying and rewarding – not humdrum or mundane! A lot of this is just in the attitude that I choose to take. I am now happily following back!

  7. I have certainly found my bliss. I can completely relate to the difference in job satisfaction vs. bliss. Even though money is really tight, I’d much rather be following my bliss than earning my way in a job at which I was miserable. There’s no comparison! I hope everyone follows their bliss, even if it’s as a hobby, a side business, however fits with their lifestyle. As you said, life’s too short. So glad you’re following your bliss! I’m in good company. 😉

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  8. I also am following my bliss through my blog and through freelance writing! But, I have to say I really do love teaching, though some days it can be a little trying. There really is such wisdom in this simple statement….I know so many people making a lot of money and they are miserable. For me, mid-life has been a good time to re-evaluate and pursue my passions, before time runs out! LIVE WITH JOY! Have a great day, Katie!

  9. Loved this! And the aspect of a sunflower farm is just way cool (giggle) As you know, I’m still home (2 years & counting); like you said, it is difficult at times but we manage…I’m still trying to find my bliss and a way to make an income…but I figure that will work itself out Great post! Big hugs, xoxo

  10. I LOVE that picture of the convertible! I’ve been on a 3 year “sabbatical” and am finding my bliss slowly but surely….rather moneyless but blissful :)

  11. As I get older, I am constantly trying to follow my bliss! And part of finding peace was starting my blog! It is something I enjoy and I’m not letting myself get stressed over posting, not posting, etc. Of course, I have a few other things that I would like to be doing, too, but I’m definitely going to take your post to heart and see where I can make some nice changes. :)

  12. What a lovley blog you have.. really.. Love the colours.. the feel… so serene, calm, peaceful… Yes.. You must have certainly found your bliss… *smiles*.. Thats truly nice.. Im so so happy for you.. Its important for sure.. As for me.. Im not sure where my bliss is.. or what it invovles.. saying that.. Im a happy person.. and live each day to the fullest.. but the world ‘bliss’… huuuumm… isn’t that blissful as yet.. *smiles*..

    thanks for dropping by at Colours Dekor.. :-) I’m following you now too… :-) Hope you have a lovely week ahead of you..

  13. Katherine says:

    Hi, Katie

    Great post and I agree, we should follow our bliss. I am working towards this. Glad you share this and hopefully women or men can be inspire to take a chance. Have a great week.


  14. Hmmmm…part of my bliss anyway, is blogging, writing and knowing others enjoy my musings, reading and visiting other blogs. Then I have a rewarding job of working with the children in our school. Yeah, life is good.

  15. That is just so sweet. I agree it is important. I don’t think I am bliss, but I am pretty content!
    Bless you,

  16. I try to find bliss in everything I do. I work for a chiropractor and I see people being brought back to normal function every day. It’s wonderful to be able to be a part of it.I make an effort every day to live in the moment. You’re right our time here is limited. Thank you for all your beautiful words, they certainly bring an extra bit of sunshine into my day :)

  17. I am still searching for my bliss. Although I have found bliss in my blog. I am glad that you found yours.

  18. Well said, my Friend! Also I believe that it takes time for one to discover exactly what is their bliss:) Maybe that is the hardest part.

  19. as ones gets older, ones get tied up and loose track of it

  20. Great post Katherine. We all need a reminder that we should stop and smell the roses. If a bee stings us while our nose is in the flower, shake it off and move to the next rose. Kinda like a butterfly. xo Ginger

  21. I’m glad you’ve found your bliss!

  22. this is so true, we keep having to remind ourselves though – it’s so easy to get caught up in everything

  23. Raquel - 2dayswoman says:

    It’s great to hear you have found your bliss, sometimes it’s the most un-expected things that bring us the un-expected bliss. To be honest, I’m still looking for my bliss and your post made me think about this :-)

  24. .saboskirt. says:

    Cute post!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
    ♥ SHOP:
    ♥ BLOG:

  25. Lovely post, Katie! I think I am finding my bliss gradually….I do enjoy some aspects of my job, but my quilting, blogging, and teaching bring me true creative joy. I hope to be able to devote myself to these whole-heartedly, once I retire!

  26. We should all follow our bliss. I’m going to have to check out Tid Bit Tuesday. Sounds fun. We should try to put negative stuff in a jar and seal the deal.

    Good advice here.

  27. Deborah says:

    Yes I love those stories. I’m trying to come up with something like that for our retirement!

  28. I think I’ve found my bliss with design and our Etsy shop and handmade business as well as my blogging goals with Club-Content. Every day, I push myself to do things I don’t know how to do, and I like that I’m growing and learning from it.

  29. What a beautiful post Katie! I’m still on my journey of discovery, but I do know that one day I will find my bliss!

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