Summer Blooms

I took a quick walk around the yard yesterday and I thought I’d share some summer blooms and a peek at our veggie gardens with you. The heat is melting me but some of our plants are thriving! The mums made an early arrival this year.

pretty white lilies greet you as you step onto the back patio.

Don’t you just love hollyhocks. The hollyhock has a delicate flower almost like paper.

One of my giveaway wins, this pretty solar lantern.

The garden angel is leaning a bit, she still looks great though..She’s been tending my garden for a while now.

The day lilies aren’t looking as vibrant as usual, the sun is actually fading them a bit.

Garden 1 is doing well. The peas ( climbing up the trellis) are all done now. But the peppers and beans are doing great!

Garden 2 has the worlds biggest zucchini plants!! I wrote previously about the abundance of zucchini. You can see why.

Garden 3 has plenty of carrots and onions. I forgot to take some photos of the tomato plants. I’ll have to share them later.

When I came in from my little walk I found Izzy fast asleep with all his toys. He cracks me up. He gathers them all together and  goes to sleep on them. A wonderful soft pillow. Sooo cute!

How are things in your yard? Is it hot where you are?

You still have time to join in the fun at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop below.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.


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  1. Raquel - 2dayswoman says:

    Your garden looks amaaaazing!!!! Wish I had a great vege garden like this :-) Love seeing your beautiful flowers -the look of summer. It sure put a smile on my face as it’s winter over here in New Zealand. Wishing you a fabulous weekend, enjoy the sun!

    P.s: Izzy looks adorable,soooo cute :-)

  2. such happy flowers. Love the blooms.

    happy weekend to you

  3. Everything looks amazing and not a bit withered from heat. It’s hot here, but we’ve been having almost daily rain storms that have been keeping the temps cooler than they could be. After the rains, the steam and humidity are unbearable, not to mention the skeeters!

  4. You take wonderful photos.
    Izzy just wants to be sure no one steals his toys while he’s sleeping.

  5. The flowers and garden are thriving. Such a beautiful site to see. Thanks for sharing these images with us. Beautiful way to start the day. It is hot here in our neighborhood and we had rain every day for a week; but now with the weekend upon us, the sun is out once again. Wishing you a fabulous weekend. ~Hugs, xoxo

  6. Charlee says:

    I see little Izzy is wearing a “lamp shade”
    We’ve had our share of times with that thing around our house! 😉 We need rain badly in my area so my poor garden doesn’t look nearly as nice and healthy as yours!

  7. Deborah says:

    That picture of Izzy is just too cute!
    Love all of your flowers.

  8. Your garden is gorgeous. I’d love to have a gorgeous garden myself one day.

    Visiting via the Weekend Wanderings Hop


  9. Melissa B says:

    Your garden pictures are so pretty! I love your Garden Angel. =)
    and Izzy is so cute!! ( makes me want to get a little dog )

  10. Hi Katherine, I had to hop over because i did a post about summer blooms today also. Great minds think alike. lol! Your garden is looking lovely. That Hollyhock is so unique, I love it! My Zuchinni is huge this year also. Thank goodness I only planted one. Even still I am giving them away to my kids. Haven’t picked a tomatoe yet, but soon. Garden tomatoes are the best!

  11. It’s incredible to me just how much is growing giving your summer is such a scorcher this year. Your vegetable patches look wonderful. I would love to have a yard like yours. And your dog Izzy is gorgeous. Great that she does such a good job of looking after her prized possessions xx

  12. How do you get anything at all done with that puppy? I would do nothing but play all day. Chores would have to wait til he grew up. :)

    The garden is lovely… I have veggie envy.

  13. LindyLouMacinItaly says:

    Yes we have also been having extreme heat here in Italy for about a month now and our garden is suffering. I was impressed at how good yours is still looking Katherine.

  14. Your garden looks wonderful ! I am trying to grow hollyhocks , so far not so good !

  15. I love a garden tour! everything looks so pretty and healthy…..great pics

  16. I love the holyhoclks and the angel! And thanks for sharing more places to link up!

  17. Wow, your garden looks fabulous. My garden is barely hanging on. The heat is sweltering. We did get a little rain yesterday but not enough. I love your garden. Hugs, Ginger:)

  18. Your vegetable garden is unbelievable! I can hardly keep a basil plant alive on my lanai!!

  19. Oh, what a lovely garden! Thank you for the photo tour!
    GraceinAZ (Pat)

  20. chubskulit says:

    So pretty and delightful! Your zucchini are so healthy. Visiting from Pink Saturday.

    Pink Slushy Magic, come and see.

  21. Your garden is stunning! I’m pinning a few! Thank you so much for linking up!

  22. What gorgeous flowers. I love the mums. Those are one of my favorite flowers. I’ve photographed them so many times and drawn them. They rank right up with the roses. Good looking vegetables. I do well with peas in the past, but not too much else. I planted lavendar, mint and chamomile seeds and eucalyptus tree seeds, but I think I have only seen the mint and the heat kind of destroyed it. I think I will just have to get it all out of the big plant container and just into the garden and it will probably come back really well next year. I’ve got to get back to blogging more. I’ve been sharing the laptop with my daughter this last month as her online games don’t work on hers. So I have been busy knitting bracelets (i-cord and cabled), and now have caught the scrapbooking bug and have been paper punching tons of my scrap art paper and am starting to sell some of the paper pieces on ebay. I’m excited to get my designs on there soon too for people’s scrapbooking projects. So fall time will be busy blogging, scrapbooking my designs and knitting and I’ve got to make myself get back into the paper dolls.

  23. so beautiful! I hope to have a yard blooming beautifully as yours some day! :)


  24. Wow ~ your flowers and your gardens are all doing so well. Everything looks great! I really like the pure white lilies. They are gorgeous.

    So nice stopping by!
    Kindly, Lorraine

  25. Your flowers are beautiful, and the picture of your precious puppy is just too cute! We went through the wearing the cone with my dog. Oh, she hated it. Poor thing. I have the Sunshine Award waiting for you on my block sweet friend. :) HUGS Kathy

  26. Beautiful flowers and lovely garden, enjoy!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  27. Katie Watts says:

    I love the raised garden bed. My dd and I do tomato plants in pots. Of course that was before I learned of the hookworms. They kinda ruined me from growing veggies and I just stick to herbs and flowers.

    Found you through a Weekend Wanderings and hope you will visit me and join.

  28. Katherine,
    You have an obvious green thumb! Your flowers and your garden are both lovely and thriving. I think I’m already a follower but I will add you on bloglovin’ just in case!

  29. OH what a beautiful walk you took me on this morning. I love growing anything:) My grandmother always planted a roll of flowers in her vegetable garden. I’m not sure if she harvested them for decorations or under the belief that some flowers repelled bugs. And a perfect ending with little Izzy sleeping with all his friends:)
    Thank you for sharing at Freedom Fridays
    Hope you have a great day, my friend:)

  30. The flowers are beautiful Katherine! And your little boy is sooo cute. How is he doing? I see he’s still got the cone on :(


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