Put Some Clothes On

Put Some Clothes on and other Pet Peeves-

Before I get started with today’s tid bit Tuesday.  For those who aren’t aware, Katherines Corner crashed yesterday and it was a very stressful day. Apparently the code I am using for my theme is not compatible with the back up program I use. I am still working on getting it back to “normal”. You may see some changes around here. But it’s still Katherines Corner! Please let me know if you find any problems. I am aware of the copy codes missing from my button page. If you want a code for any of the buttons please just send me a note and I will send you the codes. Or you can just copy the image with a link back .Okay on to….

tid bit tuesdayPut Some Clothes On! I know that’s a silly title for today’s tid bit Tuesday. But it’s more accurate than you may think. We all have pet peeves. Little things that make us go ugh! The above mentioned website issue is among them :-)






For me it’s –
Pants that are hanging so low you can see bum or underwear
Words pronounced incorrectly
Shopping carts left anywhere

People who wear pajamas and raggedy slippers to the shops, markets, etc.
Naked dolls.
This last one is where the title comes from. :-)

So tell me, what are your pet peeves?


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  1. I’m with you on your list above – particularly #1. The naked dolls I don’t see around all that much. But, I would like to add to your list…..toddlers running around just wearing nappies at shopping centres!!!

  2. You hit on two of mine, pants hanging down and naked dolls! Also, one that is become a regular pet peeve, words pronounced incorrectly. Hubby has started to do that quite a bit in recent years and it drives me mad and worries me, too.

    Good luck getting everything ironed out. I haven’t experienced any problems, but have noticed some things look a little different.

  3. Oh, yeah and typos irk the snot out of me, too. Make that “becoming” instead of become. Stupid broad just keeps making typos! I need to fire her.

  4. The shopping carts bug me. You people can’t walk ten feet to put it away?
    Slow drivers bug me. Especially slow drivers on their cell phones. Hang up and drive, people!

  5. People who don’t use a turn signal, I hate pajamas/slippers in public (my second oldest tried to wear slippers out once and I was instantly all over that), and people who don’t hold the door for you if your hands are obviously overloaded (is it really that hard to wait the extra two seconds?).

    Ok, I am done. :)

    I hope your site is back to 100% soon. I know that incompatibility issue must be a total bummer!

  6. I can agree with your list….I have to add screaming children behind me in church. Is that awful to confess? I just do not understand why some parents will not take them out and think about the people who cannot hear what is happening because of the screaming child. I always took mine out if they were crying or irritable.
    Also, people who text during a meal with you….sends a bad message to the person you are with. Ok I am done.

    Hope all gets fixed soon!!

  7. sorry to heard that. Glad everything is back online now

  8. *Cell phones: drivers who are talking while driving and driving very slowly. When you’re out at lunch with someone and they answer their phone and start talking – both bug me.
    *Technology when it’s not working and you REALLY need it to, haha.
    *Idiot patriarchal men. I came across someone like that at the store recently, and well, I would have liked to slap him, lol.

    Those are some of my pet peeves. I hope you get the coding stuff resolved soon – just so that you can get on with things. Your site still looks beautiful!!

  9. Oh I have been there with my theme going wonky and having to start from scratch. so I am truly sorry to hear this happened to you and please know I too have been there and can totally sympathize.

  10. Your site still looks beautiful! =)

    I agree with you on your Pet peeves – The shopping carts..why cant people put them away?

    My pet peeves are people using cell phones while driving, and texting while driving, so dangerous!
    also..people who “chomp’ loudly behind me at the movie theaters ( Ive been known to move…not nice I know..just cant help it )
    Another Pet Peeve – people who are rude… =(

  11. Tiffany says:

    I cannot stand it when…. people send sick kids to school….when something is on the floor and my kids or husband walk over it instead of pick it up. …when people over embellished something to make it sound bigger than it was.

  12. There are quite a lot of pet peeves out these to look at! Pushy people in grocery stores are one of my pet peeves. You know the type…they think they can push and shove their way through the store rolling their cart wheels over your toes, crowding you out of line, and all the while talking on their cell phones which brings me to another pet peeve of people texting on their phones while they are supposed to be engaged in a conversation with you. Ha :)

  13. I live in fear of things crashing. I wouldn’t have a clue what to do. I’m glad you are so much more advanced and up and running!

  14. Haha, funny post! Sorry about all your tech issues. So stressful! I’d have to say my biggest pet peeve is mean people. I don’t understand why people have to be so mean to others!

  15. Raquel-2dayswoman says:

    Sorry to hear about your website crashing, it’s sooo incredibly frustrating when this happens. I do like the new look – looks great!! :-) Hope everything will be running smoothly again for you soon.
    My biggest pet peeve would be people who take up 2 car parks with 1 car on a really busy day….
    Hope your day will be a good onhe today :-)

  16. Most of my pet peeves have already been listed. There is one I did not see – Snooty People – people who think they are better than/more important than everyone else and always looking down their snobby little noses at everyone.

  17. My pet peeve is people that ask you a question and don’t listen to your answer. They may think it’s polite to ask but it’s rude if they don’t listen. Of course, that includes people who stare at their phones while you’re talking to them.

  18. Pet Peeves….



    Men “spitting” in front of me (makes me gag). Thinking about it is making me gag now. LOL

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