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What is it about chocolate that makes everyone ( well most everyone) go wheeee? Our oldest granddaughter is crazy for chocolate!  Anything chocolate. I always have chocolate treats for all five of our grandchildren in the pantry. But teenagers seem to gravitate to it, LOL. When I could eat sweets I loved it too. Milk chocolate wrapped around ooey gooey caramel was one of my favorites. Or even better English toffee covered with milk chocolate. I can still remember the taste of it. I would nibble it a little at a time savoring every bite, often stashing some away for later. I rarely ate the whole thing all at once.

chocolate snacks

When I was a teenager my Mother would take me to the sweets shop and I would always pick the chocolate covered candies.We used to buy a small bag of a candy called seafoam. It was a light air filled malt candy covered in milk chocolate. The candy store workers would break off chunks of it and fill a little white paper bag. I think we paid for it by the ounce, I remember having to weigh it on the scale on the counter before we paid. Mother and I would start eating it before we even left the shop. Sucking  the chocolate off of the malted center until our tongues were sore. I loved the way it tasted and the way it melted in my mouth.

I can’t believe I found a photo on google that lead me to a recipe for it at Crafting In the Rain!

how to make seafom chocolate candy

I have tried several times over the past twenty years to recreate the taste and texture of chocolate using dairy free milk, sugar free ingredients and carob, among other things. But, there is just no substitute for the real thing. I always find joy in creating for others, so I will continue to make yummy chocolate goodies. Seeing the smiles on the faces of those who eat it is almost as nice as enjoying it myself (almost). All of our grandchildren will be sleeping over this weekend…. and there will be chocolate!

I have a few chocolate goodies in my recipe section here are just three of them

Candy Bar Cake

Chocolate Cake

Katies Brownies

Do you have a favorite chocolate memory from childhood?

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Thank you for your sweet bloggy friendship, Enjoy your weekend! Make happy memories, go out and play.

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  1. Hahaha… just about any chocolate will do for me!

  2. I love chocolate pretty much in any way, shape or form. And yay to the grandkids sleeping over this weekend. Have fun, Katie!! :)

  3. I’m still a chocaholic! Although I do find myself eating less and less of it as the years go by. Years ago, back when I could afford the calories, I would be content to have just chocolate for lunch. Now I have to think about it before putting it in my mouth. Although I have to admit that I still do.

  4. My father used to make a peppermint potato candy covered in chocolate and I think of it often.

  5. I love chocolate! =)
    Going over to look at your recipes!

  6. My Arkansas grandmother was favorite for her chocolate fudge. We looked forward to it every Christmas. My new favorite is a gluten free brownie recipe I created yesterday – it even has flax seed in it for good Omegas.

  7. Looks good, I too love chocolate but must be extremely careful – it loves my thighs more!

  8. The thing about chocolate and carob is that I know people use carob as a substitute for chocolate, but they will never taste the same. Although I have a great recipe for a carob cake and palm sugar that is delicious! Have you heard of palm sugar? Do a google search, it has a lower glycemic index then cane sugar, my pastor has celiac disease and he can eat it. It tastes great!

  9. yummy treats! I’m a chocolate addict and your post just drove me wild

  10. I’ll devour any type of chocolate you put before me!!LOL!! Give me a little chocolate bar in the morning with my coffee and I’m in heaven!~~Angela

  11. My fave memory is not a pretty one (it was a pretty messy one, actually), but it was great for me, at the time. They had these big long braided pieces of caramel covered in chocolate at the local drugstore (Marathon bars). I loved them, even though the chocolate was always on the wrapper by the time I got home. I still remember what a treat it was though, to walk up to that store and get my candy bar (which probably cost only a quarter, lol). I was very easy to make happy, lol I still love chocolate, but I don’t eat it very often.


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