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  1. Hi Katherine,

    Thanks for sharing the recipe for the cucumber dressing – looks the perfect healthy food to go with all the crisp vegetables.

    Happy new week

  2. That is totally my kind of light dinner when the temps are so hot as they have been these days. Love your meatless Mondays my friend~Hugs, M

  3. This is my favorite sauce, and it is just so easy, huh!

    Thanks so much for linking up with vB’s Mompreneur Blog Hop!

  4. When I see an advertising “beauty shot” of a fast food slop burger or a gigantic sizzling steak I actually turn away in revulsion. When I see a plate of fresh fruits and veggies I am attracted and eager to taste them. Cucumber is one of my favorites and this is a great recipe. Thanks, Katie!

  5. Hi there, thanks so much for passing by + following Wandering Spice! I was really happy to see this yogurt sauce when I stopped by… it’s one of my favorites, and we eat it (the Arabic version, very similar) very often in our house. It’s so versatile as a dip for fresh veggies or anything off the bbq.

  6. Here’s how much I buy spices, I’d have to go out and by everything, except for the garlic powder and oregano. Yep, I’m not very spicy.

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