Gingerbread House Tour

Gingerbread House Tour

Holiday baking usually includes some sort of yummy gingerbread creations. The aroma of gingerbread cooking just screams Christmas to me! I shared my gingerbread loaf with you last year and you can get the recipe HERE.Today I am sharing my gingerbread house and inviting you to join me at the Katherines Corner Gingerbread House Tour and add your gingerbread creations to the list. If there is plenty of participation I will make this an annual event. :-)

This little gingerbread house was a BIG challenge for me. This is actually house two. My first house had a disaster. After carefully putting all the pieces together with frosting. I left it on the counter to dry and I went to take a shower. When I returned to the kitchen the walls had all fallen off and broken into several pieces. Those of you who join me on Facebook probably saw my update… I tried putting them back together but it just didn’t look very nice. So I started again.

Here it is!

gingerbread house

Now, I know it isn’t wise to compare yourself to others. so let me preface this next part of the post with  ” I am happy with my little gingerbread house”. ♥ Okay that being shared…I am also so happy I didn’t visit pinterest prior to making my gingerbread house.

Look at these beauties! ( all photos belong to their respective posts and can be found on my gingerbread houses pinterest board)

gingerbread house  gingerbread house 2

gingerbread house 3gingerbread house 4

gingerbread house 5 gingerbread house 6


Taste of Home launched their Gingerbread Open House event today. You can see it HERE. I am pleased to be a Taste Of Home Blogger and to join in the fun this year. Be sure to stop by their facebook page and see what others are sharing too.I would love it if you mentioned that you are visiting from Katherines Corner ( wink)


gingerbread houseRecipe and assembly instructions for the Taste Of Home Gingerbread house

1 cup shortening
1/2 cup boiling water
1 cup packed dark brown sugar
1 cup dark molasses
6 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 teaspoon ground ginger
1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon ground cloves
16 cups confectioners’ sugar, divided
12 tablespoons meringue powder, divided
2 teaspoons cream of tartar, divided
1-1/2 cups warm water, divided
14 red spice gumdrops
8 large candy canes (6 inches), divided
Multicolored nonpareils
1 red-hot candy
18 leaf-shaped spearmint gumdrops, divided
About 150 multicolored spice gumdrops, halved vertically
Edible glitter
10 ice cream sugar cones
Green paste food coloring
30 chocolate rock candies
21 pieces candy corn in Christmas colors or green gumdrops
8 miniature candy canes (about 2-1/4 inches)
10 green spice gumdrops
4 green rock candy suckers
1 large cotton ball
Pastry tips—star tips #16 and #20, round tips #3 and #7, and leaf tip #67
Pastry bags
Foam core board (20 inches x 16 inches x 1/2 inch)
Small cans for propping
please click HERE for the rest

Have you made a gingerbread house

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  1. Yours is beautiful doll as well as all the others too. I always remember making one with my Aunt when I was little. It was lots of fun, though I think I spent most of the time eating the icing and decorations for the house, haha!! Beautiful job :))) Have a wonderful week xxx

  2. Hi Katherine,
    These look absolutely fantastic, but I don’t think I am good enough to do this, may just make the cake, though.
    I hope that I am not being a nuisance, I have not visited my new blog yet today, but my old one stopped working, and I had to delete it and put a new one up, and I would really appreciate getting some of my followers back, if it is not to much problem please could you follow me agiain. Thank you so much.
    I hope that you have a fantastic day.
    Love and best wishes.

    • Hello sweet Anne, I did see your new blog this weekend and I am already following you. I think you could make this gingerbread house my friend. Give it a try . Please add your new bkog to the hop this week and lets see if we can get some of your followers to find you. xox

  3. I love gingerbread houses, we have a family competition every year making several gingerbread houses, usually I just watch as our grown chidden are much more talented than I am! :)

  4. I love gingerbread houses! Yours looks great. : )

  5. I think your gingerbread house came out perfect and better then I ever could do myself!! :)

  6. I have made one gingerbread house, but am thinking of making another gingerbread house to take with me to my step mom’s for Christmas. I saw all your pins yesterday and it prompted me to start a new gingerbread house board!

  7. My post today is about my FAUX gingerbread houses, can I post it????

  8. My FIL was a pilot and every year brought home a VW filled with reall Gingerbread houses from Germany. They were all works of art. I wish we could still get them. Thanks for letting me share my houses:)

  9. Your new one looks nice. Don’t worry, we’ve made some that needed to be condemned.
    Although seeing some of those fancy ones puts all of ours to shame.

  10. I think you did a very good job with your gingerbread house Katie! I have never made one. They are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing on Creative Monday and enjoy the rest of your day.

  11. The gingerbread houses are adorable.

  12. Oh your gingerbread house is WONDERFUL…I want to move it!!!! What a GREAT array of magical treats!!!!! sending tons of hugs to you…yours and of course IZZY!!! So sorry to have been away so long…life…well it is CRAZY!!!! Sending tons of hugs and love your way!

  13. These are simply incredible! I love that pastel one.

    Yours turned out amazing as well. Good thing you didn’t look at all the Pinterest ones beforehand. Might have been too intimidating.


  14. very impressive!

  15. I love Gingerbread Houses, but I havent made one this year.
    Yours is lovely!
    Pinning to my Christmas board. =)

  16. When the boys were young we made Gingerbread houses every year….now it’s just a distant memory – thanks for sharing!

  17. Hi Katherine,
    Your gingerbread has “heart” and I love it! Much aloha, Lori

  18. Gingerbread houses add so much charm at Christmas time, and fun too! We used to make them when the kids were little, I soooo miss those days!

  19. Your gingerbread house looks great!

  20. This is so much fun! Thanks for asking me to join in the fun. I’ll have to check back and look at all of the houses.

  21. These all look fantastic. We tried to make one but my boys kept eating the pieces. I gave up.
    However it was enjoyed by all, lol.


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