Living In Scotland

Living In Scotland-

The beautiful Kizzy is my guest today, she is such a doll. She has a lovely blog called the Dainty Dolls House where she shares her love of the wonderful and inspiring treasures in life. Art and quirky eclectic fashion & accessories as well as mystical unicorns can be found at her sweet blog. Her love of life and style shines through in every bit of her dainty dolls house.
KizzyHello there, I’m Kizzy from The Dainty Dolls House & I was so happy when Katherine invited me to be a guest on her wonderful blog. She left it up to me as to what to post about, so I chose to share one of my favourite places to get away to. Living in Scotland (though I’m originally from America) I have found there is an endless amount of beautiful places to escape to right outside my door, but one of my most favourite of those places is going to Loch Lomond.
loch lomond
It’s almost like an enchanted piece of land where the wind blows gently as the waves bellow out to and fro. Little ducks and swans gather together as if telling magical stories only they can understand. The hills surround as if enclosing you in it’s paradise. Little houses with  charming gardens full of treasures…no matter how stressed or tired you may have felt when you arrived, the loch’s soothing energies seem to vanquish it all within moments. You can walk along the water or take a venture through the forest of trees, there’s also a charming church that I love to walk through as some of the grave stones are so so very old, so I like to pay them a visit.
loch lomondlosmond
Loch Lomond is freshwater & stretches 39 kilometres (24 miles) long and between 1.21 kilometres (0.75 miles) and 8 kilometres (5.0 miles) wide. It’s depth range from 37 metres (121 feet.) to 190 metres (620 feet) deep. What is shown in the pictures is just a small taste of how big Loch Lomond stretches. I often love driving in the car and riding along the roads that wind around it’s beautiful shores.
As soon as I’m there I instantly forget time & no matter what season it may be, there’s no wrong or right time to go…it’s beauty is always there. It can get a bit crowded in the spring & summer time with tourists, but it’s never stopped us from going at that time. You can get food or ice cream and have a walk and take in all the majestic scenery, there’s an information center with lots to learn and enjoy. Having lived in Scotland for over ten years now, venturing to Loch Lomond always feels like the first time. I come back home feeling renewed and ready for life again. If you ever come to Scotland, I highly advise venturing here to enjoy it for yourself!! You won’t be disappointed!
tartan skirtsHave a lovely day dolls xo
It was so fun reading this post and having Kizzy as a guest this week. ♥

Does this post make you want to visit Scotland?

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  1. My husband would love to visit Scotland! Its on his bucket list! I have to say I would to!

  2. A lovely post. Thank you for sharing. I visited Ireland three years ago and plan to visit Scotland and England in the near future if my health allows it. It looks like a beautiful place.

  3. Yes this makes me want to go to Scotland! Your story telling is magical. I am always searching to find a place like this locally that I can enjoy.

  4. Thank you so much for having me, it was so much fun :) So kind of you to ask xo

  5. How delightful! Of course we would ALL love to visit that glorious place! Thanks for a beautiful post, Kizzy!

  6. We are planning on visiting Scotland for either our 20th or 25th wedding anniversary.

  7. Oh, I love Scotland, its such a beautiful country. Every time I go to Edinburgh – I cant get enough, so charming!

  8. It does make me want to visit Scotland (even more then I did before)!
    Great post:)

  9. No, this is too cute!!!


  10. Beautiful country! Yes, I’ve been to Scotland, although the only Loch I visited was Loch Ness. Everythng about the country is magical.

  11. I have been to Glasgow and Edingburgh…both very lovely places. :)

  12. what a nice post, dear! i’d love to visit this country a lot)

    keep in touch, xoxo

    love, Yulia

  13. Loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this place!!!

  14. Kizzy is great, she did such an awesome post. I enjoyed it so much that now I want to travel to Scotland and visit Loch Lomond, sounds like a peaceful nd magical place, just what I need. The pics are breathtaking! Kisses xo

  15. buttercup2000 says:

    Thanks for the great post and photos. Loch Lomond is definitely on my list of places to visit.

  16. the pictures are so cute :) and i love your blog design :))

  17. LuAnn Braley says:

    I have always wanted to visit Scotland.` Where do I sign` up for /that/? :O) Seriously, I’ve been obsessed for 30 years. 😉

  18. I have never been there before. Heard it’s a beautiful place :)

  19. Aleksandra says:

    Of, course, Scotland’s been on my list since I was like 20 (still haven’t gone there, unfortunately).

  20. Scotland, looks like a beautiful and peaceful place to live, thanks for introducing Kizzy and her blog to us.

  21. sounds wonderful! I so would love to visit. Thanks for linking to Turn it up Tuesday!

  22. So beautiful! I’ve only had the great opportunity to visit Scotland once and it was just beautiful and the people so nice. I love the picture of the Thomas the Tank planter.

  23. Great views!! I’ve always have been dreaming about visiting Scotland!
    XOXO from Shanghai!
    Keep in touch!

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