Sharing Happy

Sharing Happy-

Yesterday was international happiness day. Isn’t it wonderful that there is a day celebrating happiness in every country in the world simultaneously. Sharing Happy who thought of that? I love it ♥ I will try and keep this from being a smushy mushy gush fest of joy and gratitude.  There are so many things in my life that bring me happiness. I will spare you a mile long list and just mention a few.  I think it is important to pause and appreciate all of the things that make us happy.  I feel happiness and gratitude are two peas in a pod, they go hand in hand. :-)

international happiness day

My Mother, she is the reason I am here

My husband, he is the keeper of my heart, my soul mate, my happy place

All of my beautiful family those of my blood and those that are not, all of them are family. Family is love and that is happiness

My friends old and new and my wonderful internet family and bloggy friends too

Hugs those from our grandchildren are filled with extra happiness

Our sweet Izzy, he brings happy with every tail wag

Love in all its forms, it is pure happy

My five senses (and the sixth one that I am only now mentioning and may not again)

My body and health although it is far from perfect

Our home, it is my favorite place to be

My mind and the ability to speak it

The beauty that surrounds me in various ways every day

Rainy days, I love the rain and the rainbows that often follow. I dare you to try and be unhappy when you see a rainbow

Grass under my bare feet

Sandy beaches and ocean breezes

Lunches with my daughter, they are happy memory makers

Music, there is a song in my heart and there is always a song in my life somewhere.

Technology for making it possible to share my happy with you

Books, movies and television shows yes they are part of my happy

Working from home, I am a great boss

Acts of kindness, happy flows over me when I participate or witness random acts of awesome

My ridiculous laugh, because it may be goofy but it is the way my happiness shouts

Most importantly God, I am a child of God and without him there would be no happy for me at all.

My Life, Every aspect of it, all of the extraordinary and all of the unremarkable it is where you will find my happiness

Now I could truly keep going and going and going…but you have your own happy to be grateful for and…

I hope you will share a few of the things that make you happy in the comments.

Thank you to all of my wonderful bloggy friends and family for your love, concern, prayers and support. I received my MRI results-, spondylolthesis, arthritis and two small cysts on my nerves in my lower back and hip. It may not sound like good news to you. But we were preparing ourselves for a much different outcome. As I sit here in the living room writing this list with my heating pad firmly pressed up against my back  I can say “ I am happy”.♥


sharing  happy

skeleton key


Enjoy your weekend my sweet bloggy friends and I truly hope it is filled with happy♥



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  1. Love your happy list and like you my husband, my kids and my family are truly at the tops of my happy list, too. Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend now :)

  2. Now this is a nice post to see first thing in the morning. I had no idea there was an international happiness day – one more thing to be happy about :) And sorry to hear you’re having some medical issues. Hopefully they can fix ya up in a jiffy and alleviate some of that discomfort.

    What am I happy for? Coffee in the morning. The smell of fresh baked bread. Creativity. Shade in the summer – fireplaces in the winter. And a million other things…but most importantly I’m happy for having my family and friends in my life.

    Thanks for sharing the uplifting post :)

  3. I think sharing Happiness is a wonderful idea and we need to do it more often.
    It happens that today several of us bloggers are getting together to revisit OZ, a place that makes us happy. Please visit.

  4. Nancy @ A Rural Journal says:

    I’ve been prompted to get an mri for my back problems and think it’s time I do… I know what you mean about being happy about your outcome. Could always be worse. Big hugs and thanks for stopping by my blog Katherine! xo

    • Hi Nancy! I encourage you to get one. I am so sorry to learn you have back problems too. We were preparing ourselves for the word “tumor” and even though the outcome is not great it is one that can be worked with. I ray your outcome is one that can help you manage your pain. Big Hugs!

  5. hoola hooping and dancing make me happy.

  6. Love this Katie…I think it is so important to think of our happy list every day!!

  7. lbuttedal says:

    Agree with your list!!! I have two bulging disc in csr accident so I know how you feel! But I am happy to be here!!!

  8. Marilyn Porter says:

    I so love your list, Katie. It was pure joy just reading down through and spending a few moments reflecting on the many areas that bring happy to my own life. I have one thing to add but I want a few minutes to think about and express it; unfortunately, I have to run due to an appointment. I’ll give me something to think about though — and that’s something that makes me happy :). So, until later….. <oh finding out you're relieved about the MRI also makes me happy … and will pray for God's wisdom (as He's the GREAT physician) for the medical team for your follow up care.) Hugs.

  9. Katherine, you are an inspiration to so may of us. So for this list, I put you at the top. You make me happy because of your continuing bloggy friendship, encouragement and genuine kindness to everyone. I send my prayers for your health to return soon. Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

  10. Your MRI results sound similar to my son’s, only they referred to his as a lesion, rather than a cyst.

  11. I’m so glad the news was not as bad as you were expecting! Right now, my new house makes me smile! My husband asked me what was the point of my perfume bottles that look like ladies, I told him it was because they made me smile when I look at them! :)

  12. theseanamethod says:

    Back pain is no fun, but I’m glad it isn’t what you were fearing. I love your list – it makes ME smile:) As I sit in my kitchen on a chill morning, I am happy for a house with heat, the days getting longer, and coffee!

  13. I can’t remember the last time that I wasn’t happy – staying positive keeps me going – onward and upward!

  14. heartbeatssoulstains says:

    Katherine! this is wonderful news that even though the results are “painful” they could have been a much bigger worry. I will pray the pain gets better and the doctors get you on a good treatment course. Stay happy, and by the way I have actually heard your laugh….. you know when you put giggle in an email or post I have heard your sweet giggle in my head.

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