Aug 08 2014

Beat The Heat Giveaway

Beat The Heat Giveaway-

Its hot outside and I am having a giveaway to help you beat the heat. I invited a few of my bloggy friends to join in the fun.

Enter to win some cold hard cash and a set of fun ice cream bowls and spoons for prizes ( sorry ice cream not included).

I am happy to bring you the Beat The Heat Giveaway!


beat the heat giveaway


This giveaway is brought to you by Katherines Corner and some of her bloggy friends ♥

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I Dig Pinterest

Vintage Mamas Cottage

Gods Growing Garden

Simple Nature Decor

Life Of The Party

Woods Of Bell Trees

Painted Chateau

Mamal Diane

Unfading Beauty

Entering is easy, log into the entry form using your email address or facebook and click on the first entry on the rafflecopter form. Then read the terms and conditions and write yes. Follow Katherines Corner and my blog Partners then enter as many bonus entries as you would like. Open to all over 18. Giveaway starts today and ends Aug 30th.

Copy the button below and paste it to your blog for extra entries. Or copy the code from my sidebar ( remember to let me know where to find it ).

beat the heat giveaway

Good luck in the  Beat The Heat Giveaway.

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  1. Mary Preston

    Ice-cream certainly helps!!

  2. Kelly Kimmell

    Staying indoors with the a/c on helps.

  3. Paula

    I drink a lemonade!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  4. Janine Huldie

    Yay to an amazing giveaway and thank you so much for hosting!! Have a great weekend, Katie :) xoxo!!

  5. Cathy Burnett

    To beat the heat, I stay inside on the hottest days and sew!

  6. dorcontest

    We go for a swim or sit in the shade.

  7. Stacey Roberson

    We head to the water park on a hot summer day to cool off.

  8. Lavender Dreams

    to beat the Florida heat….we’ve traveled to the mountains of NC for the month of August! So far it’s beautiful up here and COOLER, too! Thanks for the fun my friend! Hugs!

  9. biancarogoveanu

    Ice cold ginger lemonade !

  10. furygirl3132

    We either go to the beach or go to the pool at the gym to beat the heat. Also hanging out in the house with the air conditioning helps a little! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


  11. duchick

    To beat the heat, I drink a LOT of lemon-infused water….with a ton of ice!

  12. blackasphodel

    I drink cold water. Lots of it.

  13. teddie

    Drink iced tea in the shade

  14. MaryB

    I love to sit on the deck with the sprinkler going nearby – enjoy something cold to eat (ice cream!) or drink and watch the birds and animals.

  15. Danielle Royalegacy

    I usually sit right in front of the water cooler and have some ice water.

  16. Amy Tong

    to beat the heat, I like to enjoy a bowl of ice cream, a cold drink…and hang out at the beach. wish I can do all of them more often!

  17. auntiepatch69

    We close the windows, drop the shades, turn on the fans, and drink water.

  18. Betsy Barnes

    To beat the heat, we use central air conditioning. I also drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and wear light colored, light weight clothing. We do spend time by the river, canoeing is a great way to beat the heat :)

  19. Maggie Wallace

    Cold drinks and shade!

  20. Pam H.

    I beat the heat by staying indoors in the air-condition.

  21. Marta A Bilingual Baby blog

    Hi! I eat watermelon!

  22. Tricia Hope

    I broke down and bought a portable air conditioner and spend as much time as possible at the lake

  23. mcushing7m

    My daughter and I hang out at the pool or beach and we eat LOTS of fruit! Thanks for the awesome post and giveaway ~ Good Luck To All!

  24. ladymagnolia99

    My husband and I will sit out on the patio for a while, either eating watermelon or drinking ice water or lemonade. We then go back in to the air conditioning. It is really getting hot now in the South.

    Judy Cox

  25. Teresa

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway. Lots of iced tea is required to beat the heat. Also the occasional ice cream. :)

  26. Catherine Haynes

    stay where there is ac

  27. Rhea Chladek

    In order to beat the heat, I wet a kitchen towel with cold water and place it around my neck. It helps. My daughter and I also like to go swimming on the weekends.

  28. Sue Cossor

    Love to sit inside with the air conditioner going

  29. Debbie Lind

    Great Giveaway . I beat the heat making Iced tea.

  30. Missy

    When I am really hot from being outside, nothing beats a nice cold shower!

  31. Vesper Meikle

    To beat the heat we stay in a room on the opposite side to the sun

  32. Deborah Gullett

    I enjoy ice water and iced tea! Sometimes a run through a sprinkler or a dunk in a pool is nice, too.

  33. Sean M

    Into the shade

  34. Roz Irvine


    I am always looking for a way to to cool down, dipping my toes in the ocean does it every time. Thanks for the opportunity!

  35. Shaila F.

    awesome thanks!

  36. dbmall27

    Shower thrice and eat rocky road flavored ice cream =)

  37. arra odeza (@acodeza)

    by taking a bath everyday and drinking plenty of water

  38. nenasinclair

    It’s been extremely hot and humid this past while and I don’t have a/c. I have lots of fans, but they don’t help much. I keep the doors, windows and drapes closed, but it’s still very hot. I sometimes go to sit in a coffee shop to escape the heat.

  39. Miss Marille

    It’s not been too hot here, so much so that I feel vaguely strange to be wanting ice cream!

  40. Stephen S

    I scream you scream….

  41. Brigid OHara Koshko

    We spend time indoors when the humidity and temperatures are very high. Now school is back in session so my kids are busy during the day. They can run their energy out in the evening hours when it is a little cooler.

  42. David Vessey

    The biggest fan imaginable!

  43. Maureen Quinnell

    Live in Scotland – that definitely helps me beat the heat

  44. Mariangela

    sprinkler fun :)

  45. Pamela Gurganus

    I go to the pool the beat the heat!

  46. Isabel

    Than you very much for this giveaway, I am a stay at home mother of three and really would appreciate win niño this, Iam a new fan!

  47. Marilyn

    Awesome contest!! My son makes iced coffee and I sit under a fan to escape:)

  48. Cathy French

    To beat the heat stay in the a/c and enjoy some ice cream of course.

  49. Gord

    I just wear my birthday suit to help me stay cool.

  50. Jill A. Collins

    We usually make a cool drink and stay indoors.

  51. wudstock08

    I do take a bath with cold shower almost twice a day. I drink plenty of water and eat juicy fruits

  52. Crystal Rogers Walker

    sweet tea, ice cream lose clothing is a must

  53. Lisa Williams

    If it’s unbearably hot i try to stay indoors,but on most sunny days i use a lawn chair with an awning over the top,and I always have lemonade and/or lemon water on hand.

  54. Karen Bainbridge

    Thankful that I bought an air-conditioner this year it has been extremely hot, and I don’t do heat well! The other things that help are lots of water, lemonade freshly made with blueberries and ice cream. I could make lots of both if I were to win.

  55. Tamra Phelps

    As a diabetic, I take a few meds that say ‘don’t get overheated’ or they will make you queasy, so I have to stay cool! The a/c usually goes in the Summer, but fans, cool showers & ice cream certainly help, lol.

  56. Colleen Boudreau (Collifornia)

    I stay in the air conditioning!

  57. Sara K.

    I stay in the air-conditioning and/or eat and drink cold things.

  58. Lynne

    Stay in the house under the fan.

  59. addibrae

    Popsicles and air conditioning.

  60. Lindsey

    This is amazing. I definitely beat the heat with ice cream, but the cash I could really use right now. This is great!

  61. TrippyCusp93

    I generally stay inside all day and wear shirts and a tank top…nothing too heavy!

  62. sherry butcher

    I go to the pool both morning and eveong.

  63. Sandra L Hying McFadden

    stay in as much as possible and make refreshingly cool drinks

  64. nikki robak

    I sit in front of a big fan

  65. elle.dee.see

    to beat the heat, I stay out of it! lol

  66. Roz Irvine

    I would be dipping my toes in the ocean

  67. Traci McCormick

    I stay out of the sun as much as possible & stay inside.

  68. Ann Fantom

    We stay cool in the summer by going swimming or going to the movies/shopping.

  69. Jeffrey Massey

    I usually just stay in when its Hot out , or maybe swimming, and sometimes my Sister and I will
    go get an IceCream Cone and sit by the River

  70. Ryen Hincelois

    stay at home, turn on AC, drink ice juice and watching TV

  71. Gail Williams

    To keep cool, I stay indoors and take cool showers.

  72. pumpkinsfan76

    I stay inside as much as I can. I stay hydrated with cool drinks when outside to stay cooler.

  73. Natalie J Vandenberghe

    I like to be on or near the water. If I’m stuck at home, I sit in front of a fan.

  74. Mishelle

    To keep cool we installed ceiling fans and after moving I watched for a massive a/c sale and found the top of the line at a super low price. It is worth it to actually sleep when humid.

  75. kazma

    drinking ice-cold beers

  76. AlexisB

    We swim in the pool and have a popsicle!

  77. Christy

    I eat popcicles

  78. evelynchuter

    It’s gets so hot and humid down south here. I like to stay inside and eat lots of ice cream.

  79. Lisa Dorsett

    Make natural juice pops and stay indoors.

  80. Simple Nature Decor

    Your Giveaway gets better and better! Hugs Maria

  81. Annika

    To beat the heat, I like to eat ice cream!

  82. Alicia Morris

    We go swimming or set with the fan on me with a big cold ice tea , and love ice cream to

  83. Edmond

    STay in AC library; it is free. SOS. Help. Pick me, pick me! Your next winner!!!

  84. Marion Scharf

    When we get the chance, we go swim at Gramma’s pool otherwise we fill up the water table and wading pool and turn on the sprinklers. Sometimes, we pull out the water guns and have a battle.

  85. Rebecca Parsons

    To beat the heat we like to go swimming, stay in doors in the air conditioning, we have a cookout and have fun even in the heat, drink plenty of water and of course eat something cold!

  86. barbara n

    I beat the heat by spending time in the pool!

  87. cmandda

    I am unlucky enough to have RA…I stay inside with the ac to beat the heat.

  88. Jessica Snow

    I usually go swimming during the day and have ice cream at night.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  89. tina mccallum

    Water park or use the small pool in our backyard.

  90. Cami

    Go camping in the mountains where it is much cooler!

    1. karen bainbridge

      That is where I used to go but now I don’t drive and have air-conditioner which is not quite so good but it’ll do with lots of home made cold drinks like sugar less lemonade sweetened with stivia

  91. Michelle L

    Lots of water

  92. David Smith

    We stay inside with the swamp cooler on and I am living in shorts and sandals this summer too.

  93. Kiki Bacaro

    Lots of fans and air conditioning for me!!

  94. Diana Corlett

    I drink all day long…ice cold water with a squeeze of lime!

  95. Isabella T.

    I either go swimming or make ice cold water/tea/lemonade! The heat is really bad here in South Texas.

  96. Kathy @ SMART Living 365.com

    I’m enjoying the cooler mountain air all summer. But ice cream helps no matter where you are….

  97. Trish F

    Going for a swim at my mother’s pool. But, you know I didn’t do that very much this summer as it has been an unseasonably cool summer around here this year. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  98. Cheryl Rahkonen

    To beat the heat, I love to go swimming and drink ice cold lemonade.

  99. Tracy M

    We buy Popsicles by the truck load.

  100. Melissa S

    I am a menopausal woman, I have fans, air conditioning a neck cooler pad and a chiller pillowcase.

  101. Solange

    Eat loads of ice cream and drink lots of drinks with plenty of ice

  102. Karen Bainbridge

    Being a slightly older lady who doesn’t tolerate sun or heat, I have to resort to lots of fresh homemade lemonade, ice-cream and fruits , iced carrot or garden soup, lots of water and ice plus my brand new this year air-conditioner a godsend as we have had an unexpectedly hot summer. Also I could buy lots of fruits and ice cream if I were to win this great giveaway

  103. Jody Doncaster

    Lots of water- and when it is really hot out and the AC can’t compete with the big windows I go ponytail with a cool wet cloth around the back of my neck!

  104. Shana

    I enjoy relaxing by the water with my boys. Fishing poles waiting anxiously while we drink a cold one! ;-) Nothing beats the heat like camping!

  105. saratrojaniello

    I sleep in the afternoon in a fresh room :P

  106. Viv Sluys

    To beat the heat I try to go to a lake or spray park but when I can’t then I spend as much time in the rooms in my house that have ac (window units in the kitchen and master bedroom). And drink lots of water and iced tea

  107. rozpaige

    I try to always wear only cotton, drink LOTS of ice water and stay out of the sun!
    Thanks for allowing me to enter the contest,

  108. Stefhany Rojero

    I stay in the office whole day and keep cool with air conditioner…

  109. spectrephang

    I will order a bowl of ice kacang

  110. Yona Williams

    I beat the heat by going to the beach and taking a dip in the water. At home, I position a fan in front of me with the Ac on.

  111. Heidi's Wanderings

    I enjoy a cool glass of water. It always cools me off.

  112. Rusty H

    I beat the heat by sitting in my air conditioned house

  113. Tara

    Air conditioning for sure!!

  114. kurtie12

    I put ice in my drinks.

  115. KaylaSue Simundson

    Head to the beach!

  116. Marta K. (@mkcookie)

    Lots of cold water (really cold) and sometimes with ice on it.
    And “fresh” clothes..

  117. Karen Drake

    I beat the heat by having popsicles and lots of ice cold drinks to sip on.

  118. Veronica Lee

    I love to swim in the pool of our condo.

  119. Janet Jackson

    We get in the kiddie pool with the baby.

  120. Stella Martis

    It’s always hot here (I’m at tropical country). We usually just stay at home hehe

  121. steven weber

    Central A/C baby!

  122. Ellen Stafford

    Stay indoors and go out in the cooler evenings

  123. RCrisostomo

    i take shower several times a day

  124. Paula Varble

    I like to live in sports bra, shorts, tank top, and pony tail.

  125. Angela Cash

    My favorite way to beat the heat is to lounge in my hammock under a big shade tree.

  126. Susan Smith

    We stay cool in the summer by going swimming or going to the movies or shopping

  127. debbie

    I like to have a big glass of iced tea in my hand and sit under a ceiling fan.

  128. Jennifer Speed

    I go to my cousins pool and then sometimes I enjoy a pitcher of iced sweet tea.

  129. Kamla L.

    I stay out of the sun as much as possible, keep hydrated, and eat lots of popsicles.

  130. Judy Estrin

    I love peach or strawberry ice tea to quench my thirst and cool me down. Fans and a portable air conditioner keep the heat down to a minimum. A comfortable chair and new novel on my Kindle can just make my day.

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