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  1. Hi, sweetie! I really appreciate this info. I am going to have to make sure to abide by the drop dead dates on makeup. I’m glad that powder lasts longer. I’m thinking it might be a good idea (at least for me) to get some sort of sticker to put on them with the date included.

    Hope you are having a super day…


    Sheila 🙂

  2. That is all ‘just good info’! Especially the one about the mascara. Never thought of that! Just stopped over from FTLOB, and now that you saved the last bits of my favorite mascara I can’t find over in Germany, I am really glad I did 🙂

  3. Loved the info on the mascara and the lipstick, very useful.

    I couldn’t afford to replace my foundation every 3 months! It lasts me donkeys ages so I’m just going to have to risk the bacteria.

  4. Awesome information…now if I could just get the rust off my cheeks long enough to wear make up 🙂

    I really didn’t know that I was supposed to replace mascara every three months, but it makes total sense. I will be sure to pass these tips onto my DD, she’s the eyelash curler queen in this household.

  5. Great tips about putting the mascara in hot water, I am going to try that! I always try to replace my mascara after a few months but I do know people who don’t wear make-up often who keep theirs for years! Yuck.

  6. I have just called by to Welcome you as my latest follower on News From Italy, as I was unable to reply directly to you. I hope you will enjoy sharing our little piece of Italy with us. I like to get to know my readers so will be following you back. I am delighted you found me as now I can use the mascara tip straight away.

  7. I use that warm water trick with mascara, especially in winter, or, sometimes I just hit it with the hair dryer for a second.

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