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  1. Oh, I should have known better than to check your blog while I’m working! LOL Now I just want to head to the kitchen and make one of these treats!
    Thanks for the corn syrup recipe – that’s a great thing to have on file for emergencies!

  2. Yum….I have actually taken a version of this and put it into a cookie pie crust (chocolate wafers!) and made an ice cream pie for Christmas dessert. Texas may be one of the only places where we love ice cream desserts for the holidays!! I also, roll peppermint ice cream in coconut to make SNOWBALLS and then cover them with a homemade chocolate syrup….YUM!!!

  3. this gets the YUMMY in my TUMMY rating : ) and they are sooooooo cute! isn’t it amazing what a little bit of red and white candy cane can do to make something pop! thanks for sharing…hugs…

Love each other as God loves you xo

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