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  1. Mrs. Dash is one I use on a daily basis, I love the lemon flavor. I never salt anything either and I don’t use it in my cooking. Mrs. Dash does wonders for just about anything.

  2. I LOVE spices. I have lots of dried spices in my kitchen and never fail to pick up some fresh ones from the market with trip. I will always have use for my cooking and baking. They spice up my life. LOL!

  3. I really enjoy the spices you listed and garlic is a must. One of my favorites Herbes De Provence. I missed the blog hop this week will try and catch it next week.

  4. I love my spices too…and they are easy to grow. I have parsley and chives all year round…even in central Pa..makes everything look pretty!!
    I have never even tried Ms. Dash…I will now though..thanks!!

  5. I like the basics you have listed. The only exception is, I use several different blends of Ms. Dash. I am on a salt free diet, which is impossible, but the Ms. Dash blends are great for variety.
    Happy Sunday

  6. I just visited the most wonderful spice store in Tarpon Springs Florida. I bought two blends that I can’t wait to use. I never salt things and when I make something I usually use less than they say in the recipe.

  7. I guess I’m in a rut….LOL I don’t move much farther than the front of my cabinet, where the parsley, thyme, sage, rosemary and onion flakes live! Love my kosher salt and freshly ground pepper, tho!

  8. The must have spices in our house are garlic,kosher salt, fresh cracked pepper. Those are just the must haves. Cayanne pepper, paprika, and on and on and on. I use a lot of different spices but I really love using fresh herbs. Great blog you have will be back to visit again.

  9. Hi Katherine. My choice of spices would be very much the same as yours. I certainly use a lot of rosemary, thyme, basil and parsley. Sometimes some Dill for the salmon and grated chilli flakes, but that would about do me really! Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  10. I can’t live without good black pepper, paprika, turmeric and lemon pepper. Of course, I use as many fresh herbs as I can get my hands on! ~ Maureen

  11. I would say my “can’t live without” spices are the same as yours. I would add my “really don’t want to have to live without” spices would be: curry, cumin, garam masala and a really cool spice blend I get at my local health food store called Spike. I LOVE Spike! It’s similar to Mrs. Dash, but I actually like it a little more.

  12. I like the same spices as you. I order spices through Pennzy’s on line, and they have salt-free blends as well. I use very little or no salt too. I hate anything salty. xo

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