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  1. Very lovely. I love butterfies but when one touches me, i kind of don’t like the feeling. I didn’t know Nicole Kidman is afraid of them. Funny.
    I’ve got butterflies entering my fantasy trilogy at different scenes and enjoyed reading through all the comments. Learned the spanish word for it.

  2. What a beautiful story of the butterflies in your life. I wish you more and more butterflies through the years. My story isn’t as sweet. My family has a thing for spiders. We don’t like them, but we are not permitted to harm them. My grandmother is Scottish and tells a story about a spider saving the Scottish people. We honor that story, by removing spiders from our home without squishing them. My husband was thrilled to hear when he married me that his spider stomping days were over.

  3. I LOVE butterflies! They are one of my favorite things. I think they are beautiful and represent a new beginning.However,I do have a phobia of caterpillars.We have quit a few around here that are poisonous and in spring they are everywhere,like an infestation!

  4. I love butterflies. They seem to seek me out. Many different kinds of butterflies frequent my flower garden. From the tiniest to the big Monarchs. I would drive down our paved secondary road near my house and Monarchs would swoop down on my windshield and glide over the top of our car. It happened so many times plus so many unexpected butterflies in my flowers that I called around and found out that many people in my area have established butterfly sanctuaries. They keep the bushes and flowers that butterflies eat and lay eggs on , and sustain the butterflies throughout their lifecycles. I was so grateful to God for his beauty and his gifts to us. I visit my daughter out of town and they have a butterfly house there that raises Blue Morpho butterflies for the whole month of March each year. People were noticing that the Blue Morphos were attracted to me. They even took pictures of it. These butterflies, to me, are the most beautiful of all the butterflies. A beautiful blue. A true gift from God. They are among the largest butterflies and originate from Costa Rica and further south. I’ve researched them so much that I’d like to write different books about them. So Fascinating !

  5. Love, love butterflies. I love the peace they bring and they are such glorious symbols of freedom. Thansk for sharing!

  6. Count me in as one who also love butterflies. Enjoy watching them going from flower to flower with greatest of ease.
    The Butterfly is a known for transition and change, symbolizing our soul. A butterfly’s life span is about a month, and in that short amount of time they go from a caterpillar to a Butterfly. The butterfly spends its entire life changing and adapting. It first learns how to crawl, then it learns how to fly.

    Its is said, when a butterfly crosses your path your life is going to change. It may be the simplest change, or a monumental change…. but it is there to let you know that you are transitioning.

    Butterflies are beautiful, they enjoy everything beautiful in the world. They flutter on the slightest breezes and they live off of flowers and plants. When you see a butterfly, it is a reminder to enjoy the smallest things. To remember that life is short, and yet filled with beauty.

  7. I actually love butterflies and two summers ago we went to the local aquarium that has a separate exhibit and room with all butterflies. Such a trip and the butterflies are flying all over this room and can land right near you and even on you. I guess if you have a phobia of them this wouldn’t work for you, but for someone like you or I it was truly amazing!! 🙂

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