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  1. Sorry you gave up your Avon business. I actually have been selling Avon for over 5 years. It has worked out very well for me. I started by building my local customers. I love meeting so many women and helping them find affordable quality products. I then pursued selling Avon online. That is the best way to sell. There are so many people shopping online now. They search for an Avon representative online instead of me searching for Avon customers in my city. I became the hunted and not the hunter. 🙂 If you want to give Avon another try, I can give you some tips on how to sell Avon online. Join my Avon team online

  2. I have thrown in many towels. Mary Kay and Amazon bookseller but I found my first love again…my art- so it was well worth it.

  3. Well, I am sorry you have to do this, but I understand. I had to throw in the towel on AVON as well. I tried selling it about 16 years ago, and I loved it. I was doing really good, too. But then territories changed and since i live out in a rural area, it became almost impossible for me to make a profit after lots of hours of work each week. So as much as I loved the products, I threw in the towel. Closing one door lets you open another. It will be alright!!!
    Bless you and all your endeavors,

  4. Im really sorry about this.. I had this same thing happen to me when I tried selling Tupperware many years ago and like you ended up in a hole..Im really sorry 🙁

  5. Many years ago I sold Avon and I really enjoyed it and loved the products. I had some great clients but after a couple of years I had to realise that the time and effort and energy and expense I was putting into this ‘job’ just wasn’t matching the small return. I turned my back on it too and it was such a shame because I was really enjoying what I was doing. xx

  6. There are still many Avon “sellers” around here. I think it has about run its course, and to there are so many selling. It is hard to compete.

  7. Hi Katie! In my past, I have sold both Avon and Mary Kay products and had to give those up, one at a time. However, the biggest thing I have ever had to give up was my writing for a season. God needed to do a work in me so that I could fully understand and appreciate how HE wanted me to write. It was a hiatus of almost 3 years in which I prayed and sought His direction through my Bible reading too.


  8. I sold Avon back before there was any such as a web store, and like you it was costing me, so yep I threw in the towel. More recently I tried my hand at jewelry making, nothing fancy, had a webstore, didn’t go over as well as I had hoped. What sales I did make were in person, not online. So yep, threw in the towel.

  9. It happened to me although it was my time not my profit margin. For three years I did Free Prom Dress events for low income school districts and communities. It was my passon and hobby. Since I worked a corporate marketing office job my other 40 hrs a week. I was in a car accident in 2011. So had to donate 425 prom dresses I housed in my home. It broke my heart but with a bad back it was impossible to continue this work. Sometimes you just have to Let Go!! I know it is dishearting to believe in a project and have to put it to rest. Don’t feel bad about it at all. Supportive in Texas, Kathy

  10. I sold Avon back when Lincoln was president! 😉
    Getting the business going is a business in itself, like any small business.
    You have to make the contacts, get the samples out and make clients at businesses.
    I did a lot of business at Burger King with the girls who worked there as well as a local hospital and advertising business. But the base has to be super broad because most will not buy monthly.
    I also think too many do not know how wonderful Avon products really are!
    They simply rule the industry in some areas. No one should hesitate to buy.

    Have a beautiful weekend Katherine

  11. My niece in Florida has been selling it since Feb. so I have ordered from her but I think most things are hard to sell in this economy. I do like the convenience in the way it is sold online!

  12. I had to let go of two home decor stores. It was costing me money to work six days a week but I kept thinking the market would swing back to boutiques. Wrong! In the end, it was a relief to let them go.

  13. For 2 years I had been praying what to do with my business as well. This is our last summer. I have had so many mixed emotions over it. Feelings of failure and feelings of relief all at the same time.

  14. I had to throw in the towel with my fashion jewelry business. I couldn’t book one party! I had about 6 of my own and one friend did one, which was a little crazy. It just messed up my taxes, had to pay more to the accountant for “business” side. Ridiculous! I can so relate to this. xo

  15. It is a grand thing to know when to say “I’m done”. I have done it a few times…very hard decisions but ultimately always good ones…that’s how we continue to grow 😉

  16. That’s a shame, Katie. I am always curious to figure out the why and the how of things. There must be a reason why quality products priced right are not selling. Any thoughts? Is it because people are obsessed with “new” and tend to follow the latest trends and Avon is too old a name? If they changed their name to something similar to Urban Decay would they move more product?

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