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  1. My daughter-in-law’s family is from England. Her mom has the accent, but she was born here and doesn’t. It’s easily my favorite.

  2. I just learned something new about you Katherine!
    I don’t have an accent, but would love to lol! I can’t believe you were teased about yours. How awful.

    Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party!

  3. OH, My! As a teacher, my heart goes out to you. I hate it that you were teased and bullied about being or sounding different. I have lots of south of the border kids, many who barely speak English. I preach and preach to never lose their accent, language, or culture. I believe one should learn the language of where you choose to live, but not the other. Kids from Texas say I have a Texas accent, but I am from Kansas. Who ARE the accent police???

  4. People tell me I have a Los Angeles accent- whatever that means! LOL! My favorite are British accents… they make anything sound elegant!
    Thank you again for the co-host invite… I am LOVING this!!!
    With His grace, wishing you peace and many blessings to you and yours… Carla

  5. I am certain I would love you with any accent.♥

    I grew up in South Florida where everyone is from somewhere else. I really don’t have much of an accent, but sometimes people from “up north” think I have a bit of a southern accent. It’s funny because the people in the south think I speak “like I am from somewhere else”. I guess I’m just me. lol

  6. I personally LOVE a British accent-I wish I had one! That’s too bad that others made you feel like you had to change to fit in. People would probably love your accent now!

  7. Great topic Katherine, I often wonder what people sound like when I’m chatting via email and blogs. Funny I always thought the Australian accent was the most disliked, yet you and some of your followers say they like it. I guess we [I’m an Aussie] can get very lazy and lapse into dreadful slang, it can sound like another language when we get started. I have to say I love the sound of all languages, particularly French [ooh la, la]. Interestingly, whenever I’ve met an Aussie who has spent a long time in the USA they always seem to come home with a ‘twang’ in their voice which can be irritating. Aussie actors are a good example of that. I think I’d love your American version ~ it would be quite lyrical. TFS

  8. Born and raised in California, I have lived on a California beach all my life. My Mother was raised in Mass by a very proper classy family background.
    As a result I have always had a bit of a Mass accent as my Mom had the accent all her life. I am sorry you were bullied. I was bullied all throughout school, because I was blond, thin and pretty. No matter what you are people are cruel. People have been cruel to me all my life even as a adult in my 50’s. It matters not how we are different, whoever we are, people are so green with envy that it makes them evil and cruel. I am sure your accent is lovely and they were just jealous.

  9. Yes ! I have a very thick French accent. When I first came to the US, kids called me French toast and made my life miserable. Now, as an adult I am very proud of my accent because this is how I make my living. I am a French & Spanish high school teacher. I still have a few students that make fun of my accent. I simply remind them, my accent is what allows me to be in the position to be their teacher. I must be honest and tell you that there are some words are never say : I prefer to say piece of paper instead of sheet because I always end up pronouncing it wrong. I also avoid saying the word beach, again it always comes out wrong.
    Nicole Weaver-Award winning Author

  10. I am Italian born and raised! but I don’t speak like the Godfather 🙂 I have to say that living in the US (aka the South) for 14 years, I have picked up a lot of the southern accent!! but once Italian, always Italian!

  11. I have a heavy South Georgia Ak-scent 🙂 I love to hear the true Southern Belle accent that remains to this day, when I speak to many “older than I am” ladies.

  12. I still sound like I am from the Northern part of the country near Canada. It is an accent all it’s own and down here in Texas people always ask, are you from Canada? I say no, but they still look as if they don’t believe me. 🙂

    You are so fortunate to have had such an elegant accent. The British speak so beautifully!

  13. I had a speech impediment (still do some), where I can’t say my “r’s” very well. (When I was little, it was also “th”, “s”, and something else), I was constantly teased. I was always asked where I was “from”, and they looked at me funny when I said TX. People who obviously did not know what a British accent sounded like, thought I was either from England or Boston. Boston I can understand since they don’t really say their r’s either. I got called Elmer Fudd a lot! Now it is a strange mixture of TX, South (from AR), and “Boston”. When I am very tired and worked up, it gets very Southern.

  14. Hi, Katie! Thanks for answering the question about your accent. It surprises and saddens me to learn that you were bullied because of it. I can’t understand that mentality. There’s nothing wrong with being different and I’m sorry you found it necessary to Americanize your accent.

  15. I have a very distinctive Texas accent and often get made fun of. My mom was born in Louisiana and her Southern drawl was a combo of both…which I seem to have inherited…but I personally love accents and think they are charming and should not be squelched. Our differences are what make us so much fun and beautiful!

  16. Love Irish accents – and Australian –
    BTW – my hubby is from Huddersfield – accent is quite minimal now but definitely not ” canadian ” lol
    Big Hugs,

  17. I have an accent, it even comes through in my writing which I find highly annoying 🙂 I left Holland 18 years ago, travelled the world, and I STILL have an accent. My husband thinks it’s cute though (glad he does). My favorite accents are American 😉 and French (sexy) and I really like the British accent as a lot of my friends are from there, I love the way they talk! Got to say; I love the Australian ‘slang’ which we pick up a little over here in New Zealand 🙂
    Happy Tuesday Katherine!

  18. Yes I have an accent. Thick southern. Well not as thick as some but it is there. I will never want to change it.

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