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  1. i visited marla’s blog and she had a nice article there titled Thrive in your body. Helpful to me and i could use to make some healthier life changes. I left a little hello message for you 🙂

  2. visited Debbie’s blog and found out that she loves Angels. i also love angels, collecting and reading about them. She has a new book coming out called Angels at the Table which i would love to read, or win. she has book contests. I am glad i was able to learn of this author thru this giveaway 🙂

  3. Hi katherine!
    I love your great books giveaway
    Reading about various others and books, It didn’t know them before and its great to know about them.
    I love all the books , but love to get “God’s Guest List”
    Thanks Katherine for sharing 🙂
    Stay blessed

  4. So many great choices… Artful Blogging, Debbie’s, Marla’s, and the sweet owl set ♥

    Thanks for sharing so many talented folks with us!

  5. I’d love to win God’s Guest List. Although Hearts On The Line looks great too. Hope your having a blessed day.

  6. Hi found your link of facebook … shared by Thisisme .. Diane’s blog .. A wonderful giveaway .. I am going to follower you. Good luck to all those that take part.

  7. I visited Alex’s website and there was a cute post from Penny the dog. this is the second time someone has mentioned ALex’s books to me so I think I should definitely look them up.

  8. I visited Marla’s blog and read some interesting posts about online dating and dating in general. Very informative.

  9. All of those books look great and I am looking forward to checking out some new (to me) authors. The one I am most looking forward to reading is Debbie’s book, God’s guest list. I have loved all of the books she has written.

  10. Hi there Katy. What a super duper giveaway you’ve got this month. I would very much like to be included please. I am a Follower, as you know! Have a lovely weekend my friend. Hugs.

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