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  1. Yes, I can relate, but in the opposite direction. I’ve always had the problem of all pants being too long. It got better when more petites started showing up. The best thing that happened was moving to AZ where I can wear capris pretty much all year long……lol!

  2. I’m 4′ 10 1/2″ tall. The half inch counts at this height! Pant legs are too long, shoulders wind up at my biceps and sleeves trail over my hands. Size 5 shoes aren’t carried in mall stores. To make it all worse, I’m large busted and petite sizes won’t fit across them. I think I’ll trade you size problems.

  3. Ive always been on the “shorter” side..Im about 5’4. =)
    So..Im kind of on the average side..but its difficult to find a good pair of jeans..
    ( and I really dont like shopping )..
    If I could get my middle to match my legs, that would be good! lol

    And I totally understand about the menopause middle! I recently turned 52.

    Happy early Birthday!

  4. It is funny, I am 5 foot even and I love the petite section, although I do struggle, it is made for 5’2 and now leans more to 5’4 (kind of sad that 5’4 is considered short?) but I do have some luck in the petite section. I will say it stinks to get things altered but at least I have that option, you can’t really add material,so I totally feel for you.

  5. Katherine,
    I’m almost 5’9” and a plus size, so when I find something that will fit I will usually order 3 pairs of whatever it is so that I will have them on hand. I don’t like the shorter tops/blouses/sweaters. So I always look for the longer length in all those as well. I was blessed to be tall ever since I was in kindergarten. I was the tallest girl in my class. My dad was a tad over 6 foot tall, so I obviously took after him. Mom was 5’2”. When I was 9 years old (many, many years ago), I was 5’8” then, and I can remember being told on Halloween night by everyone who was passing out candy that they wouldn’t give me any candy because I was too old, saying I looked like I was 13 or 14 years old. So needless to say, I stopped trick or treating right then and Mom and I walked home. Mom gave me some candy that Dad was passing out at the time. They both made me feel comfortable about being a tall kid.

  6. Gosh Katie,

    I feel the same way you do only I’m 5’2 and can’t find a pair of jeans or any type of pants for that matter that doesn’t puddle the floor, even in the petite size. I too, struggle with the menopause middle which is another issue in and of itself. HAH

    I’ve gotten to where I don’t even buy jeans and find a zip up waistband irritating so I usually purchase pants without a waistband and ones that don’t have elastic either. They only make me feel bigger. Danskin makes a nice pair of pants without the side pockets and elastic. HAH

  7. lol I have the opposite problem. I’m so glad designers are finally making jeans and clothing that fits my frame without alterations.

  8. Can I relate? You betcha! I’m 5’10” plus a half inch more! My Mom made allmy clothes growing up (and then I did, too). However, now I usually do not have any trouble finding pants in tall sizes! Since we cannot choose our height, we might as well enjoy it!

  9. I relate to this in a totally opposite sense – I have to say, “Do you have that in short?” I am only 5’1 and all pants are too long for me. Sometimes petites are even too long! But I guess in my situation I can always hem them, but you can’t make your pant legs longer!

  10. Not for me, but for hubby! At 6’4″ he is always searching for a “tall” shop, and most places that advertise “big and tall” mean just that…..they think that if you are tall you must be rotund. Since he is not, it makes it difficult! 🙂 It’s a challenge to find clothes that most people take for granted — they can just waltz into a store and pick something up and it works! Sigh. I’ll get off my soap box now. LOL

  11. Inseams have become ridiculous, designers must think every woman wears 4 to 6 inch heels, so finding the right length has been elusive. I’m keeping my current wardrobe as long as possible, when fashion changes again, I’ll be in style. 🙂

    When you find what you need, buy triplicates!

  12. I bet our legs are the same length. I do often wear jeans but finding pjs that don’t shrink to my calves is a nightmare! I would be more appreciative of being tall is my hubby was taller. I can never wear heals when we are out together lol 🙂

  13. I’m 5’8″, but my trouble is finding shirts that are long enough in the body – not the sleeves. Pants I find easily but have to be careful, if they shrink any that’s usually it. My husband is 6’7″ – I have discovered that most big and tall stores for men are actually big OR tall; once you reach a certain length they don’t carry the larger waist sizes – can get VERY frustrating.

  14. 5-9 is the perfect height for a woman, Katie. In fact, if you were a model you’d still be on the short end of the spectrum. You should be thankful because most women I know complain how short they are and wish they were your height. At age 14 I underwent a growth spurt and grew 5 inches to my present height of 6-1. I played basketball and felt ashamed of being so short, even going as far as looking into bone graft operations to make my legs longer. You and I share November birthdays and I urge you to be happy about your tender young age because I’ll be turning 63.

  15. I’ve got the same problem, but only in that everything (and oh, I mean EVERYTHING!) has to be tailored. Happy soon-to-be birthday!

  16. I know all about trying to find clothes to fit, I can never find them short enough. Perhaps I could take the excess off mine and add it to yours!

  17. Finding the perfect pair of jeans is a nightmare at times – and I have short legs 🙂 They’re either too long, short, wide, tight, pockets too high, pockets too low, bum to big, uncomfortable, wrong color etc. etc.
    But, maybe, I’m just a perfectionist when it comes to buying jeans 😉

“May the Lord bless you and keep you; may He let His grace shine upon you and be gracious to you; may the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-6:26 NIV Hugs from Katherine

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