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  1. I guess a lot of people is really busy before and during Holidays! I, myself, is experiencing a holiday buzy-ness. Hahaha! My schedule is so tight and hectic. I wish I can take a rest and enjoy the holiday with my family but I have to cover an event on Christmas Day. Blogger Duties. Have a great day and God Bless! x

  2. We do get so busy at this time of year that we tend to forget to the true holiday meaning! I seems to rush by so quickly!!

  3. I am so busy this year, Katie! I feel a little nuts sometimes! As a grandparent this year and blogging very active and end of school semester teaching…it is crazy. My new workouts have really helped! Wish I had a gift wrapping assistant!

  4. Same here so busy leading up to the big day right now and I also am trying to do as much work as I can get done now, because my girls will be home for two weeks straight this year with Christmas vacation. But wishing you a wonderful Wednesday now and be back tonight to linkup!! 🙂

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