marys heirloom seeds giveaway

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  1. My Favorite Part of Gardening is watching what I Plant Grow! I also love having fresh Vegetables in the house. Nothing tastes better to me then a Home grown Tomato. (they are my favorite) along with the Cucumbers, Radishes, peppers & others.

  2. I really love just getting outside and playing in the dirt. I especially like gardening when you already have your seeds planted and the seedlings start poppping.

  3. I actually really like pulling weeds. I find it really relaxing. I also like standing back at the end of the day and looking at how nice my garden looks.

  4. My favorite part about gardening is just being outside with my wife knowing that what we are doing is going to feed our family later.

  5. My favorite part of gardening is tending to the care of different plants. There’s something calming about getting your hands in the dirt and watching the growth of your labor.

  6. Watching and sharing with family and neighbors my produce and of course eating what I have grown and having the great pleasure of canning as well.
    Thank You for this giveaway opportunity

  7. I enjoy everything about gardening! Working in the soil. Watching the plants grow. Eating and preserving the results. Hearing the birds while I’m working. Having a deer come along behind the garden and stare at me trying to decide if I am friend or foe.

  8. Aw, it is snowing here today, but I truly can’t wait for spring and spring planting. But then again I just happen to love spring and the warmer weather. So, seeing this made me smile knowing it will hopefully arrive here in the next few months now. Hugs and Happy Tuesday xoxo <3

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