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  1. I love vegetables including asparagus, but somehow when I see them in the stores I never think to buy them. I did make asparagus soup once or I usually eat them raw. I love the taco idea. Thanks for sharing

  2. Those are some recipes to try! I actually have an asparagus plot, which has never produced well, but those are the only asparagus I’ve eaten. I did plant a new section of asparagus, but won’t be able to eat on the “new” garden for a few years.

  3. I love aspargus, but her in the Netherlands we have white ones. We eat them with a bitter sauce, boiler eggs, Ham and potatoes. But now the season is over. Saddly! Have a great weekend!

  4. I was just sent your link by Alex J. Cavenaugh because he knows I too post asparagus recipes and am an asparagus fanatic. However, I never buy asparagus except directly from the farm so it is fresh enough the ends never need breaking off. In other words I can eat the whole spear. In season (now) I eat asparagus every day and then (other than home frozen or homemade products) I don’t touch it again until next season.

  5. I do like asparagus, too. But I never would have thought to use for tacos, but now I am so trying that recipe. Thanks Katie and have a wonderful weekend now!! xoxo <3

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