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  1. I still make mug cakes occasionally. My husband is diabetic so we rarely eat bread or desserts. Mug cakes are an easy way to feed my cravings for carbs without anything left over! The problem is that they are too easy to make and so good!

    Actually, this is my single serve dessert for today. areasonforhomeschool dotcom/elegant-but-easy-dessert-for-mothers-day/

    I will only make one using fresh raspberries andstrawberries that need to be eaten along with some cream cheese mixed in. I rewrap the extra dough to make two more fresh pastries within the next two weeks!

    1. I decided to wait until the weekend to make the blueberry muffin. I will alter the recipe to fit my diet restrictions. Your elegant but easy dessert looks wonderful with its mix of chocolate and raspberries. Hugs

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